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    Misleading Information - Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter description

    Beware! The description on the website is misleading and inaccurate.

    On the website it says 'As a bidirectional adapter, it can also connect new Thunderbolt 3 devices to a Mac with a Thunderbolt or Thunderbolt 2 port and macOS Sierra.' This statement can be UNTRUE depending on the model of your Mac.

    I have a 2013 Macbook pro with a Thunderbolt 2 female port. I use all my USB ports on the laptop for other devices and need to utilize the Thunderbolt 2 port for my iPhone. After reading the description on Apple's website, I purchased this adaptor from a 3rd party, only to find that it will need another cable for it to work. And of course, no one is selling that thunderbolt 2 to thunderbolt 2 cable anywhere.

    If you are in a similar situation as I, you are better off buying a USB hub and forgetting about this adaptor.

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    Didn't Work with G-Drive Thunderbolt3 (USB-C)

    Purchased a G-Drive 4TB that only had a Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) connection. Using the provided USB-to-USB-C cable wasn't providing fast enough speed to transfer 4K 30P ProRes files in real time for editing, compared to the other identical,Thunderbolt2 drive we'd been using. Got this adapter, it didn't even seem to connect. Drive wouldn't even spin up despite repeatedly attempts. Drive always worked fine (just not fast enough) when connected via USB, but never when connected using this adapter to the Thunderbolt2 port on my iMac. I think it may not be suitable for this purpose.

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    Keyboard stops working

    I've been using this for a week now to connect to my Thunderbolt Display with a wired keyboard. The keyboard works maybe 50% of the time when I plug in. Very frustrating and don't know how to get it to connect regularly.

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    Does not work with Apple Thunderbotl display

    The adapter does not work properly on my new MacBook Pro 13" laptop... I have to unplug the cable from the adapter and sometimes it connects to the display and sometimes not... the network connection through the display does not work at all... very frustrating!

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    Works, but not flawless

    This dongle does what it needs to do: connects my thunderbolt Drobo 5d to my macbook pro 2016. The dongle does NOT support displayport screens like the thunderbolt connection on older macbook pro's used to do.

    Besides that, the connected device is sometimes not recognized when I boot up my mb pro... Annoying, but it happens only once in a while...

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    This adapter works, but it's inconsistent. My monitor will inevitably and inexplicably just turn off. No warning. Sometimes I see a brief flash of some video artifacts on the screen before it goes out.

    To get the monitor working again, I have to unplug the adapter from my new Macbook Pro (with touch bar), then plug it back in. This happens a few times a day.

    Please fix, Apple. I would like to continue using my 27-inch Thunderbolt Display.

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    Works great with thunderbolt monitors (not mini-display)

    This adapter works with Thunderbolt monitors, not to be confused with mini-display port monitors. They are easily confused because the connectors are identical. If your monitor connector has a picture of a thunderbolt on it, it will work with this adapter. If it has a monitor icon on it, (rectangle with a vertical line on each side) it's actually a mini-display port and you need a different solution. (There is a good MacWorld article about that; search "macworld mini-display usb-c".)

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    Stable and excellent build quality with a catch

    Sturdy and reliable as a connection but doesn't pass though power, so I can spin up my USB C SSD HDD, bit of a shame really. Mac Pro 2013 Trash can.

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    Ovberpriced, useless, working one should have been included with Mac Pro

    Does not work. Too expensive. And why did I need to buy one in the first place? Apple should have included this in the box. The Mac Pro is not "pro" in that you cannot use it for real work without buying a bunch of extra stuff -- and then even those don't work. The experience needs to be: walk into a customer site, plug into their A/V setup, present. That's what a "pro" model should do. These adapters don't even bridge that gap.

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    Worked perfectly out-of-the-box

    I appreciate that many are having killer issues. I tried a cheaper, generic-brand USB-C-to-Thunderbolt2 converter and it didn't work.

    With pretty strong doubts I grabbed this dongle at the local Apple Store, hooked it up, and hey presto mundo! I'm driving my 27-inch Mac Thunderbolt display (purchased mid-2014) with a 2016 13-inch MacBook Pro (4xT3=USB-C ports) that's running Sierra 10.12.6, using Intel Iris Graphics 550 with 1536 MB. Audio feeds through fine (in and out); USB-B ports on the display are recognized and work fine; I don't chain T2 nor used wired Ethernet off the display so can't confirm, but suspect they work, too.

    Thunderbolt firmware versions: v22.1on the MacBook Pro busses, v26.2on the display (different numbering for different products).

    I hope this info helps, good luck!

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    waste of money for audio interface

    won't support audio interfaces. apple has put me in dongle trouble with the macbook 2016. and none of them work. such bad buyer's remorse.

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    Tried with three Thunderbolt displays, does not work

    This is very frustrating. I have three Thunderbolt displays in three locations and a new MacBook Pro 13". Before purchasing my MacBook Pro I asked Apple if I could use it with the older Thunderbolt display. I was assured this $50 adapter would work. It does not. The screens light up to begin with then go black and either won't wake up or will only wake up with continual unplugging and replugging of the power cord. My new MacBook Pro will have been a very expensive investment if I have to purchase three new displays....or maybe that's Apple's intention.

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    Worked out-of-the-box

    I use the adapter and a Thunderbolt-cable to connect a late 2016 15" MacBook Pro to a late 2013 27" iMac.

    When I press CTRL-F2 on the iMac keyboard, the iMac goes into Target Display Mode and its screen acts as a second display for the MBP. Going into Target Display Mode is very fast and works right away, which was not always the case when doing the same with a an older MBP that has a Thunderbolt-port built-in. The iMac-screen is also quick to wake-up together with the MBP.

    Pricey, but money well spent considering I can postpone buying a new monitor + I get to keep the iMac without extra clutter on my desk, except for the adapter of course.

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    Worst adapter ever

    It doesn't say that it don't support mini display port, so as the connector of mini display port is the same as thunderbolt 2 I thought I could use this to Daisy chain it with the dongles I already have for mini display port to HDMI and VGA, bit it doesn't work. This will just work with thunderbolt 2 devices like hard drives and I don't know what else. Mainly useless and a bad move from Apple by not being clear about it.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    T2 to T3 / Apple Thunderbolt Monitor 27" to iMac 27" 2017

    Just bought Apple Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) to Thunderbolt 2 to connect my new iMac 27" 2017 to Apple Thunderbolt Monitor. COnnected with no problems so giving 5 stars!

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    Not for mini-display ports

    When buying new iMac I explained situation of my older iMac with external display using displayport to thunderbolt 2 connection, Apple staff sold this adapter to me, got home and it didn't work. I now see the number of poor reviews for this overpriced adapter. Not cool Apple.

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    Doesn't work with work computer screen, my TV, or any screen for presenting

    Which makes it pretty useless... Why else would I have spent almost £50 if not for being able to connect to the things I used to be able to connect to?!

    Worse is that when I called up they tried to tell me I needed to reinstall my software and then go into the store to have the adaptor replaced. Only later, after wasted time, did I find out that this helps absolutely nothing.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect for iMac-2017-27" and Thunderbolt Display

    I'am using this adapter for a 27" Thunderbolt Display and a Focusrite Clarett 4Pre connected to the TB Display.
    All working perfectly.

    Note: I guess some people don't know the difference between DisplayPort and Thunderbolt, or USB-C and Thb-3. This is not the adapter's fault. (Sorry.)

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    Worsk well with Thunderbolt 1 ELGATO dock and macbook pro 15" 2017

    so, this is TB3 to TB2 adapter and TB 2 is backwords compatible with TB1, so it works with Elgato TB1 docking station well. I tried VGA external display attached to DOCK, LAN connection and USB. Not tried HDMI yet.

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    does what it's SUPPOSED to do

    I have a Thunderbolt Display and had just gotten a 2017 MBP, and in trying to find out whether I could get an adapter to connect them, I came here and was initially scared off by the average two-star rating. I went so far as to almost pull the trigger on getting a USB-C display. Then I came back here once more and started actually reading the reviews -- it turns out that a ton of people here were simply angry that they wanted this adapter to do something it doesn't do, and they all gave the adapter one-star reviews.

    The adapter does what it was made to do: it adapts Thunderbolt 2 to USB-C. That's it. I connected the adapter to my Thunderbolt Display and plugged it into the new machine, and it worked perfectly the first time. (Well, almost perfectly -- the MBP needs to be plugged in to get the display to stay on.

    Is it ridiculous that Thunderbolt 2's connector is the same as Mini DisplayPort even though they're different specs? Yes, absolutely. But don't ding this adapter for not doing the thing it's not built to do.

    But if, like me, you need this more-expensive-than-it-should-be adapter to do the ONE thing it was made to do, then, like me, you'll be happy. Except for the $49 part. But hey, it's better than a $600 USB-C display. For now.

    Now, if Apple would finally get around to making a MagSafe-to-USB-C adapter, my transition to the new laptop will be complete.

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