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    daisy chain

    i have successfully connected TWO Apple Thunderbolt Displays using this adapter to MacBook 2016 13"

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    Tim Cook should be fired right now. Connected to an LG Thunderbolt Display, this dongle (don't get me started) causes the display to drop repeatedly. Disks connected downstream of the display disconnect and all usb devices connected to the display reset. I am an Apple Developer and after uploading all the logs, etc and reporting bug have heard nothing back.

    My advice is to not buy this until someone in Apple decides to quit worrying about building a car that they can never build and starts paying attention to the customer base they have.

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    Works surprisingly well

    Replacing my 2011 17" MBP with the 2016 15" MBP. I have an OWC TB2 dock. To that, I have attached an Apple mini DP to dual-link DVI adapter, routed through a dual-link DVI KVM switch to a Dell U2711 dual-link DVI monitor. An Apple USB keyboard, a Logitech mouse, and line out audio are also connected to the dock through the KVM switch. I also use 1G Ethernet at the dock. This all worked with the old MBP and it all still works with the 2016 MBP with this adapter, just as I'd expect.

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    Not Working With LaCie Rugged (Thunderbolt)

    When I use the adapter on my MacBook Pro 13" (Late 2016) with my LaCie Rugged 2 TB l SSD - Thunderbolt 2, it freezes my computer.

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    If you have mini display port monitors like the LG Ultrawide, this product does not work. Usb-c to thunderbolt 2 cable directly into monitor.

    Additionally, if you have a DVI dongle to thunderbolt 2 into a computer monitor, this product will not work on that either.

    Also, Apple marketing and case studies, I never use the touchbar on my new mac because it distracts from looking at the screen and takes more time to touch something on there than using a shortcut.

    Apple trying to be "edgy" FAILED. I'm about one product away from going to the darkside and getting a Razor pc.

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    Massively misleading; barely works with anything

    I guess I had somehow missed that this adapter didn't work for the display port side of Thunderbolt 2, making this useless for all but own of my adapters. This is really poorly executed by Apple. At the very least they shoud have put bit big bold letter on the packaging DON'T WORK WITH DVI, HDMI, OR DISPLAY PORT!

    Now I have to face Xmas shoppers to return this junk.

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    I was disappointed to learn that this adapter would not work with a Mini DisplayPort cable but it also does not work with my thunderbolt 2 drives. They won't mount and ask to be initialized. It gets interesting when I plug my Mini DisplayPort into the TB2 hard drive and then connect that hard drive to the MacBook. The Dell display now works but the hard drive still does not.

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    It helps to do a bit of research.

    I see a lot of negative reviews about this device and most of the disappointment seems to stem from people not reading what it does. This device carries Thunderbolt, not Mini DisplayPort. Giving it one star because it doesn't do something it doesn't advertise isn't the fault of the device. (Although Thunderbolt and Mini DisplayPort as well as the whole Thunderbolt 3/USB-C web of confusion is its own problem—but not the problem of this device.)

    This device works fine with my 2016 13" MacBook Pro with the following Thunderbolt devices: Apple's Thunderbolt Firewire and Ethernet, Apple's Thunderbolt Display, Elgato's Thunderbolt 2 Dock (in Bootcamp too!), OWC's Thunderbolt 2 Dock, LG's 34UC98-W (with Apple's Thunderbolt Ethernet daisy-chained) and connecting to Thunderbolt 2 Macs via Target Disk Mode. In theory, older Macs should have no issues connecting to Thunderbolt 3 docks and such either (won't know until OWC's is released in February, although forum users hacking around with devices from the likes of AKiTiO indicate it works fine).

    I grabbed two of these while Apple has prices reduced and they both work fine. They're also cheaper (even at full price) and more compact than the few competing devices.

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    Macbook 12" does not have a Thunderbolt 3!

    Hey everyone, I've noticed quite a few people complaining that this adapter doesn't work with their 12" MacBook. That's not a limitation of the adapter, it's the MacBook itself. USB-C is not Thunderbolt 3! I bought two of these adapters for my 15" MacBook Pro w/touch bar and they work fine with the thunderbolt displays.

    Previous to getting this adapter I also bought the Kanex Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter to get a Thunderbolt Display to work with my old 12" MacBook and there were many disconnect problems and issues. I think it's a limitation of the USB-C port on the MacBook 12".

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    Work as expected

    It work with my caldigit thunderbolt 2 hub, which connected to a Samsung U28D590 Display at 4k 60 Hz.
    I understand many people are complaining about it is not working with mini display port, it does not suppose to.
    Despite the fact that mini display can plug into thunderbolt 1/2 port, they're fundamentally different technology. Same story for usb-c and thunderbolt 3, they are DIFFERENT thing.

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    Works - but only for TB3 to TB2

    Lots of bad reviews on here from people not understanding what the device can do and can't do, fair enough as it gets pretty confusing. Your external device must be Thunderbolt 2 and the port type must be mini DisplayPort (so just physically fits). It's not Apple, it's just how this tech works, but come on Apple, make it easy for people and be clear with what works and what doesn't. Most monitors will have a DisplayPort port that looks right physically but won't work as it's DP not TB2. Apple's now discontinued Thunderbolt Display WILL WORK, as the connector physically fits and it's TB2. One clue is the little thunderbolt symbol, not the little square with the lines on each side which means DP. Check your device first for the symbol next to the DP shaped port.

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    Useless. I want a refund.

    This adaptor was used to plug in a display port adaptor into it. Same situation works fine using my old thunderbolt 2 ports in my other mac's but this adaptor clearly doesn't do the job on the new MBP 2016 to do the same thing.

    I also tried plugging in an HDMI to thunderbolt 2 adaptor into this adaptor to run a display but it also doesn't work.

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    Cannot connect Thunderbolt 2 Monitor to a new Macbook Pro (2016)

    I bought this adapter in order to be able to connect an external monitor that had a Thunderbolt 2 cable to my new Macbook Pro 2016 via its USB C ports.

    Despite showing an image on the box of a monitor being connected to a Macbook like this, it failed to ever establish a connection.

    Its bad enough that the new Macbook Pro requires a sea of dongles and adapters to use existing devices, but the fact that Apple's very own and clearly overpriced adapter doesn't even provide backwards compatibility to their own previous version cables is quite a failure.

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    Regrettably limited functionality upon launch...

    Four Apple employees (two presales) assumed this should work with legacy 27 DP displays.

    "Thunderbolt 3 – The USB C That Does It All (June 1st, 2015)"
    "DisplayPort 1.2 – compatible with existing DisplayPort displays, devices, and cables
    Connect DVI, HDMI, and VGA displays via adapters"
    - See more at thunderbolttechnology dot net/blog/thunderbolt-3-usb-c-does-it-all#sthash.fEqOefd8.dpuf

    To be fair it does seem to work with the Apple Thunderbolt (1) Display and its ports, regrettably unavailable for purchase.

    Apple - can we hope there is a software/firmware upgrade in the works to TB3 spec ?

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    Doesn't work

    Does not work with DVI monitor. Will be returning.

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    ONLY works for thunderbolt devices and causes crashes

    Be aware: this dongle ONLY works for thunderbolt devices, NOT DisplayPort monitors, despite using the same port. You need a special USB C to DisplayPort cable for that.

    Also, with my Apple Cinema Display using this adapter, I frequently get kernel panics when disconnecting the display, though that may have more to do with have storage devices attached to the display.

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    Poor clarification and driver support

    I purchased this in the early November while I was waiting for my new MacBook Pro, at that time there is no clarification that this thing doesn't support a mini dp, meanwhile they said the usb ports support native display connections including mini dp. When I get the new macbook It cannot even connect to a HDMI display, I was hoping apple will fix this in the next update. Today apple release sierra 10.12.2 and fix some "graphic issue", and now you say this thing will not support mini dp. But my return period has passed. I believe most people are buying this to connect a mini dp display as this is the only dongle on you website that have these ports. Honestly I didn't read the specs very carefully as I believe apple products are easy to use, so I just assume this TB2 port works like those ones on the old macbook pro/ air. So well done apple, and don't buy this if you want to use a mini dp/ dp display.

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    Works Perfectly in my setup with 2016 Macbook Pro

    Connected to a IOGEAR Thunderbolt 2 Docking Station, GTD720 previously used with my 2013 Macbook, everything works, and at the same time. Seamless.
    1 - all usb connected items
    1 - HDMI Dell monitor at 4k
    1 - Here's the bonus - my Focusrite Saphire Pro 40 firewire 800 via apple firewire adapter plugged into the passthru thunderbolt 2 on the IOGear.

    Love it, very happy.

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    Not working with my LaCie d2 3TB External HDD - Thunderbolt 2

    When I use the adapter on my MacBook Pro 13" (brand new model) with my LaCie d2 3 TB External HDD - Thunderbolt 2, it freezes my computer. I have to unplug the adapter from my MacBook Pro and then the computer restarts. I have used the USB-C to USB adapter with the LaCie External HDD and the USB cable that came with the LaCie External HDD and it has not caused any problems. However, I want to use the Thunderbolt 2 connection on the LaCie External HDD because the USB connection is so much slower.

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    Does not work with Samsung monitor via Display Port

    I bought this so I could connect my brand new 15" MBP w/Touch Bar to my Samsung U28D590D monitor. This monitor works great with the older MBP that I use for work when attached to Thunderbolt 2 port.

    Very disappointed in the Mac product line development over the last several years.

    I only bought the Samsung monitor because Apple dropped support for target display mode in the Retina iMac. I can't use my new MBP with any of my existing technology (even after purchasing a bag of adapters).

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