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    This price of junk came out of the box broken. I've already had 4 in the pass 6 months. If you do the math that's 40 dollars I had to spend, just to listen to music. I'd rather go back to having a flip phone and use that.

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    Absolute rubbish

    Low build quality, expensive and only necessary because Apple had the 'courage' to insult its customers.

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    Give us back our Headphone Jack!!!!!!

    If I could rate less than 1 star I would. It's funny that getting rid of the simple headphones jack has caused me enough daily struggle to desire to switch to Android.

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    The most Frustrating Accessory

    Worked fine for the first month but then became increasingly faulty. I've just had to buy a new one as it is not an optional product with the new phones.

    The lead becomes very sensitive to movement and pauses music/skips songs/phones people/hangs up/enables siri on it's own every time you use it.

    I know several other people who have had the same problem.

    Not only that, it means that you can't charge your phone while using headphones anymore which is annoying for someone who travels a lot.

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    This is the 4th one I've used in 3 months and they're all complete garbage. It fastforwards, skips and pauses my songs. I'm switching to android I'm so tired of this.

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    What borders me is not especially the ditching of the headphone port, but that there is NO real solution for Hi-Res Audio, while Charging a 1000 Dollar Phone! The bluetooth solutions all together sound so much poorer than a wired headphone. Does apple even have audio engineers responsible for consumer experience ?
    Yeah the Dongle sounds Ok, but not as great as it could be. Besides, it Broke for the 3rd time in one Year.
    What's missing is the native charging port on this dongle..

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    Ruined my charger port

    After repeated use of this thing at the gym it somehow loosened the port where I insert the lightning cable to charge my phone to a point where I have to fiddle with my phone for 30 seconds straight to get it to start charging.

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    Bring back headphone jack

    Bring back the headphone jack please. Not everyone wants bluetooth. I use my phone to process credit cards through the square card reader which is NOT bluetooth. I can't just plug the reader in anymore but have to go fumbling around looking for this ridiculous adaptor which doesn't always work. Clients annoyed with apple, I'm annoyed and disappointed in apple.

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    Bad quality

    I'm on my 4th one of these in 6 months.

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    I'm legally blind and depend on audio for book and some navigation and this product doesn't work, breaks easily, not compatible with various headphones. THIS IS A MAJOR FAIL APPLE. I hate this no headphone jack idea and will TOTTALY consider moving brands if something better is not out soon. I'm fortunate I can afford to get a new phone and eat the cost of iPhone 7 but this is horrible do not buy this product. Till now I have loved my iPhone even convinced friends to buy iPhones, that will stop with this epic fail. Its incompatible to anybody who has a visual disability and reading the reviews is incompatible to anybody who doesn't have a disability

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    This just plain bites!

    I bought an iPhone 7 at the end of July and this jack port already broke. It is cheaply made and works poorly with all my other headsets. I lost button control functionality that my other headsets had as well my workmates constantly complained they could not hear me on conference calls...so mic function was not working all that well either. It really is a shame. I spent so much for my iPhone and did it because my prior one worked so well and I was in an emergency situation. I chose this because Apple had offered a good product but this really is poor construction.

    Also, the actual headset that came with my phone broke after 3 weeks of use. The connector just stopped connecting with the lines on the phone. So, I am not surprised that this poor piece of metal does not work either after such a short period.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    I'm on the receiving end of calls made through one of this adapters....

    Terrible quality!! my wife has a wired BOSE headphones which worked great on the 6S but now on the 7 the quality is TERRIBLE and is all this adapters fault. When I test the BOSE headphones on my 6S everything is fine!

    Horrible overpriced product!

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    Adapter of poor quality, very fragile

    I use the adapter with my wired Bose earphones when I am running with my iPhone attached to an armband. Apparently the movement of the cable is beyond the endurance of the adapter. Everything is fine for a week of two and then the connection begins to break down. The Bose earphone controls stop working, music stops playing suddenly for no reason, music starts skipping. In one case, the lightning connector broke off when I tried to remove it from the receptacle. I have now purchased five of these adapters and now I need a new one. This is unacceptably poor quality from a company like Apple.

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    There is an extortionate need for a convenient plug for the 3.5 mm jack and this is not an answer. I'm ok with spending 700$ on an iphone only if there are no other expenses needed for my iphone to function as any other normal phone on the market (I already lost 2 of these adapters and I bought at least 3 new lightning cables as they break/no longer transfer data after less than three months).

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    Just Right

    Its very small, extremely cheap, and flexible. Instead of shuffling it around and worrying about losing it. Just buy an extra one. Its $10. I've got one on my big headphones and one on my buds. Now I never have to worry about losing it or forgetting it, its just build on to both pairs of my existing headphones.

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    Not compatible with other headphones!

    Cheaply made and it gets loosen very easily! Not compatible with other headphone brands which is not surprising by Apple!
    Apple is disappointing me day by day after being a customer for more than 6 years I feel I need to switch soon to other brands!

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    Does anyone like this?

    This is the most annoying product ever. Does anyone on earth like this thing! it is so easily lost which is ridiculous for something required for basic functionality! Bring back the jack! I legit can't believe the 8 doesn't have a headphone jack! Not everyone wants Bluetooth headphones! Sweet Jeebus

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    Extremely Inconvenient

    Easy to lose, because constantly having to take off and stick on. Very inconvenient.

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    I could have bought ice cream

    there goes $10 I could have spent on ice cream.... this thing breaks every two months, disappointed to say the least #hungry

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    Very annoying adapter and now 3rd party that worked perfectly are diasbled

    My solution to losing the dongle is to keep one with each piece of gear I connect to the phone to. One for the big shop sound system, one for my high end headphones, one in the car etc. Well this goes for my noise cancelling earbuds as well. What a disappointment to find they no longer work because of the 3rd party reject "feature" of the later downloads. Looks like I will be using my older iPhone 6 with the 3.5mm jack for travels, which is somewhat often. This is pure evil. I understand the dangers with the off brand chargers, but a headphone cable that has nothing more than a DAC and amp in it? Doesn't even look like an apple product, but it worked fantastic. Imagine if Sony did this with their walkmans... it would be: I see this new Metalllica tape you just bought at the record store was recorded on a BASF brand cassette media, hope you like MUTE. Oh, you prefer your fancy Senheiser headphones over the Sony ones I came with? Hope you like MUTE. If you wanted better sound, you should have purchased my upgrade kit with the premium Sony headphones. This radio station does not have proper Sony certification, MUTING and I took the liberty of removing it from your favorite preset list. Oh, I just scanned the barcode on those new batteries you put in me, those are Duracell, not Sony. Powering down.....

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