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    I tried to connect my headphones and the audio goes in and out. Also there seems to be a static noise. I have tried with multiple headphones including apple specific ones. Same problem. Highly disappointed.

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    Apple Not Smart by Being Courageous

    Apple I am not sure if the thinking is right by you pretty much force people to purchase all apple branded products. I have tons of third party headphones that are wired and cannot work because whenever I listen to it the song sounds like their is a hiccup through out my entire library but when I use the apple branded headphones it works perfectly fine. Apple stick with what works. If it is not broken don't fix it.

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    The adapter hole is too big for my Sennheiser earbuds. Doesn't hold the 3.5mm jack securely. This was clearly a strategic move to force buyers into using their inferior Apple earbuds which never stay in my ear securely. Hopefully they are listening and come up with a better solution than this cheesy adapter which is obviously an afterthought.

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    Poorly made.

    My first thought when I got this adaptor was that I was going to lose it fairly quick.
    well, I've been using it for about a month now and it broke. When pulling the adaptor out of my iPhone The lightning connector side broke off inside the phone. I was able to to pull the broken piece out with needle nose pliers. But I wonder how apple would have handled it if it wasn't able to be pulled out.

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    This thing is such a piece of trash. I hate it.
    It completely distorts the sound. Almost every song sounds terrible. Almost like parts of the song fade in and out. And there is NO BASS. There needs to be a better option.
    It is absolutely ridiculous to have to use two cords in order to plug your phone into a stereo system, headphones, or what ever you're using for music. But then for apple to come out with such a terrible adapter to make up for it makes this situation even more absurd. I hate this situation, I regret getting the iPhone 7.
    This adapter is unacceptable. It is a poor, unacceptable "solution" to taking out the headphone jack.

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    Cheap stuff

    Thought it was okay at the start until it stopped working in less than a month. The cable (sucks) and you can either keep buying the cheap stuff ($1 on eBay) or invest in expensive AirPods or some other wireless earphones.
    As a poor uni student, the choice is blatant.
    Why didn't I just buy an iPhone 6??

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    Fragile, easily lost, inconvenience

    Fragilely made, coupling with 3.5mm earphone is not tight enough, happened to run it onto to someon's bag and torn off from my phone, but the next moment i tried to plug my earphone back, the adapter is gone, not on the phone, not attached to the earphone!!!!! Don't know where has it flew to.
    I can still live with it even it doesn't support third party earphones. But given it's so easily missing and the hassles caused thereafter, I would seriously consider iP7 being the last iphone I use

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    I thought it worked pretty well until it somehow literally just disappeared a week after I got the phone. I searched everywhere for this little thing multiple times. I wanna buy a new one but I bet it would suddenly show up after I buy a new one.... I just wish this wasn't a thing

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    This is what you get when you go too far

    Very low quality product, that trash didnt even keep up for a month of use, not even talking about the initial quality which was already sub-par. Even if apple lack of care to music has always been huge, this move is the worse I have seen. Take my iphone back, just bought a samsung!

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    I teach aerobics and need to carry the adapter with me at all times. The music never comes in clear, and they are so easy to lose. Then, you have to spend another $9 to buy another one. So upset that Apple would take away the headphone hole.... Wishing I didn't do the upgrade this time. Now stuck with this for two years.......

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    Impractical and does not work with all headsets

    Bought a Samsung Level ANC headsets, and this adapter just causes lots of popping and clicking. Sometimes, if I insert it halfway (until it pops) several times before inserting fully into the jack, it will work. I do regret buying an iPhone 7 because of this. There is no upside to the lack of audio jack on the seven, and this adapter does not work well enough.

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    Frail design

    After using my very awkward dongle for my new iPhone 7 i purchased in november, it began cutting in and out when playing music only a month in, and currently it's unusable because of how bad the cable got messed up. It also feels very awkward walking around with a tiny, weak dongle and despite all my efforts to take care of it, its done. Just like every phone charger cable, it's almost intentionally designed to break quickly, forcing you to shell out cash constantly for extra dongles. Not super happy, but i guess apple is making bank with the dongle game right now...

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    Iphone 7+ pulsing and clicking

    i'm not sure if it's the phone but wireless is fine, however; with the adapter that came with the phone no matter what headphones I use (beats, nokia monster, generic) there is a clicking and pulsing sound even without the music playing, when I do play music it keeps cutting out.

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    Doesn't work with my Bose headphones

    I have two pairs of headphones, one is bluetooth but the other is sound cancelling which I need at work. All day, every 15 minutes I have to unplug my headphones from this adapter and re-plug them in to get the controls to work. I've had dropped calls as people can't hear me talking because the adapter keeps dropping the connection.

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    Cheap, doesnt work

    I bought an iPhone 7 plus, the lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter is one of the worst made apple products, all I heard was noise and crackling. Cannot believe Apple's engineering has gotten this bad. Waiting for the class action suit to get some money back.

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    My new $9 per week habit. Thanks Apple.

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    Unhappy with this garbage. Bring back jack

    Most un-innovative thing Apple has ever done.

    -Cant charge and listen to music at the same time

    -Music sputters if I go for a run while listening to music....

    -Adaptor highly prone to loss

    -Recently went on a vacation and couldnt listen to music because I forgot my adaptor and no new headphones have one

    I said it last time but this is absolutely my last apple product. Having strong buyers remorse for spending$850 on this scam

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    Breaks constantly

    I've been through three of these in less than a month now. They can't handle being stuffed in a pocket (trousers, jackets or even bags), as the slightest pressure or twist will trigger skips, rewinds, volume changes, playback speed changes, and any other random action you can imagine.
    It is not possible to use this for listening to music, or audiobooks, or radio or talking on the phone (it'll randomly hang up as well). Well, you can if you stand perfectly still. I can't put it in my jacket pocket and walk calmly around without expecting this behavior, which is a disaster since it makes the iPhone 7 completely useless if you want to use any corded earpiece.

    Very bad product! Deteriorates the usability of the iPhone dramatically!

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    Apple - are you serious???

    When the adapter works and does not have static, this adapter completely eliminates the sound quality in my $300 BOSE headphones. I have gone through 3 adapters (thinking I just got a lemon) and it has been the same. Apple owes us an explanation and a quick fix... I am ready to sell my iphone 7 and go back to my iphone 6s because of this.

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    New Innovation for inconvenience

    IPhone's new innovation proved to be failure since new innovation is oriented for convenience and easy but without jack port iPhone 7 series are very inconvenient. Listening music and charging is not possible at once. No compatible with third party headphone. Need to carry audio adapter wherever and wherever you go.Its really hard.

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