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    Absolute Garbage

    Despite the new iphone 7 not having a 3.5mm jack i was wasn't worried that i wouldn't be able to use my audiotechnica m50x as it came with the jack converter.

    This jack converter is absolute garbage i'm using audio technica m50x on both macbook pro (2015) and when i compare the audio from the iphone with the jack its like the iphone isn't producing any sound at all there so much data loss.

    My entire experience of music with the new iphone is ruined even the stock iphone headphones are any brighter on my list and having the 6s as well with the default 3.5mm jack it sounds better than the new iphone 7.

    Thank you Apple for making a 700+ $$$ device that has worse sound the previous one.
    one true angry consumer

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    Do not buy this or an iPhone 7. FALSE ADVERTISING.

    This item does not work with my Bose noise-cancelling headphones. In fact my iPhone 7 does not work with in-car bluetooth connection, and this adapter will not work for the aux input in the car. Apple stepped in it big time with the elimination of the jack, and other aspects of the iPhone 7 design. Apple credibility takes a major hit.

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    Adapter broke my $100 Marley Headphones!

    This headphone adapter is complete garbage! Just got a new iphone 7 last night. tried pluging in my House of Marley Liberate XL headphones which I've had for over a year and worked fine on my iphone 6 and many other devices.
    The sound initially came out of one ear and was distorted. Then as I tried to simply unplug and plug back in and it kept the tip portion of the headphone jack in the hole breaking it apart! This is worse that the dollar store junk.

    I'm not happy!

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    This product is awful. After two months of using it to listen to my music in the car, it broke. I bought another adapter that lets me plug in my aux chord and charge my phone at the same time, but my music stops playing and it always says "USB 2.0 not supported by this device" or whatever. I am so frustrated with the removal of the headphone jack. Not only do I have to bring a Bluetooth speaker with me just to listen to my music in the car, because none of my adapters work, I also have to bring two pairs of headphones with me to school (one for my phone and one for my laptop). I am very busy and sometimes I'm gone from my home for up to twelve hours. When I get home all I want to do it relax and listen to my music but that's not an option because my phone is always about to die and I have to charge it. (I have roommates so I don't like to listen on a speaker.) Apple, you need to bring back the headphone jack. Music is so important to me and this has become the BIGGEST nuisance. Especially when you make products that don't last. I've never been tempted to switch to android until now.

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    Shoddy materials and design.

    I bought the iPhone 7 Plus back in September, and I've already gone through 2 of these adapters (at no fault of my own, either - both of them just stopped working unexpectedly). Not only is it cheaply made, but the design itself seems poor - the flimsy cord that floats between the two sides of the adapter just doesn't hold up to daily use, and I am looking at alternative options for this adapter at this point. I don't want to end up putting superfluous amounts of money into adapter after adapter, just so I can continue to use regular headphones and auxiliary cords. In addition to this, the return policy on replacements is ridiculous - only 15 days? I've found that mine tends to break within 2 months of purchase. Apple, can you do something about this please?

    A Frustrated Apple Customer

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    It's a Miracle

    I got this adapter with my iPhone 7 when I purchased it and used it ever since with my earpods I had when I got my iPhone 6 before. We went up north one weekend and when we left I found that I misplaced the adapter due to its small form factor size and left. So for the two weeks that passed from leaving up north, we made another trip and while unloading our vehicle, WOULD YOU BELIEVE I FOUND IT LAYING ON THE DRIVEWAY STUCK BETWEEN TWO PIECES OF ICE! Now this is a driveway in Northeast Michigan. In February. The driveway had about 6 inches of snow then it all melted and is now a swamp. Now after I found the adapter, I went inside with excitement and wanted to see if it went through all of the forces of mother nature and I plugged it in and IT WORKED. I am so amazed how it didn't blow away and it was in a chunk of ice and it still works.

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    So Frustrated with Apple iPhone 7 Design

    Why did you do this? Now I have to have another accessory, which I will lose, and have to repurchase. Oh, now I know why! Really? I hate having to use this to plug in my Cheap but GREAT Skull Candy headphones. It really frustrates me that I can't plug into the charger and talk on the phone at the same time. That will require another adapter.

    Apple, I think Steve Jobs is rolling over. This is not you. I wish I had my iPhone 6 back.

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    Iphone7 headphones jack adapter

    I bought an iPhone 7 plus, the headphone jack adapter is one of the worst made apple products, all I heard was noise and crackling. Cannot believe Apple's engineering has gotten this bad. Waiting for the class action suit to get some money back. I lost it in the first month after I bought my phone. This piece of engineering stupidity is so smal and fragile at same time. I'm sure Steve Jobs is turning in his grave RIP.
    Steve, can you straighten Apple engineers from anywhere you at now?

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    I've already broken two, not durable at all

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    works for audio but seems to affect mic and voice quality on calls

    Audio quality: OK - not much to complain about - I am using Bose Soundsports and the inline controls work.

    Microphone; - I have been noticing a lot of complaints from callers since using my iPhone 7. I blamed AT&T for the longest. I just did an experiment with the adapter and using the phone mic (using voice memo app). Voice quality on the phone mic was perfect. Voice quality using a headphone with the adapter produced a very muted and muffled output. No wonder people were complaining they couldn't hear me! If I use the headphones on another phone without the adapter, the headphone mic is also fine.

    My conclusion is there is a serious mic degradation if you are going to use headphones / inline mic and the 3.5 adapter. Apple should be acknowledging this. I am all for "courage" but not when your product goes backwards.

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    Really Bad move Apple

    If you don't have an earphone jack put back in the next iPhone I will go to Samsung. This cord is horrible. .

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    At LEAST make it durable if we're forced into it...

    Ridiculously flimsy. The connector wore out fast and while it was still (barely) functional it kept starting/stopping my audio/activating Siri, etc.
    Sort it out, Apple. This thing is completely superfluous in the first place.

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    Garbage: wore out in 2 months. Don't waste your money.

    I use my headphones pretty much every day, but I do so like a normal human being. Over the course of 2 months from general use, the rubber coating of the adapter developed a tear, which damaged the internal wiring. As a result, the headphones themselves work, but movement of the cable will close the circuit for the home button, so music will sporadically stop, play, stop, fast forward, press-and-hold to talk to Siri. Hardly ideal. Barely functional.

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    Cheap half replacement

    My first one fell apart quickly; this is poorly made, especially given that it's forced upon us all.

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    headphone's don't work for phone calls

    the iphone 7 inability to have a working headphone option that allows for me to talk on the phone with a wired headset is extremely disappointing.

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    Bad Decision, hurt the product

    It has been very annoying and frustrating to deal with the adaptor that breaks easily and is very easy to loose. I have had to buy multiple adaptors for my various devices and find it very frustrating. The headphones that work with my cell phone no longer work with my MacBook. This was a poor decision and the airport headphones a far to expensive. This had made me strongly reconsider what type of phone I will be getting in the future.

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    Terrible product, that stopped working almost immediately

    Aside from the frustration that the controls to my 3rd party headphones did not work when I used this adapter, which was inconvenient, but manageable. The main problem was after a few uses it has stopped working entirely (Only had it sat in my pocket on my commute, I didn't take it scuba diving in the Mariana trench, halfway up mount everest, or a spacewalk on the international space station).
    It now doesn't register headphone are connected and simply plays music out loud.
    I am currently restricted to using apples standard headphones when using my phone, needless to say they are not great sound quality.


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    Totally useless, headphones cut in and out with any movement and when they do work there's a popping sound.

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    Extremely fragile

    I thought the EarPods were fragile, then this came along. Inline mic does not always function.

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    Fragile and doesn't work with 3rd party microphones

    This adapter doesn't work with 3rd party headphones with microphones. Broke after 2 weeks of use with iPhone 7.

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