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    What does Apple Genius propose as solution

    Anyone get satisfactory resolution to the lightning headphone adapter constantly failing when taking their phones to Apple Genius bar?
    To me it seems this product is a poor or design failure.
    Are aftermarket MFI cables more reliable?
    Do we just need to buy a bluetooth adapter for headphones or new bluetooth headphones in order to reliably listen to music on an iPhone 8?

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    Lost mine

    Guess what I have lost my adapter!!
    I have about 6 pairs of headphones - where does the adapter go? Where shall I keep it?

    I am so irritated about removing the jack I will move to another brand of phone when my contract is up.

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    Zero stars

    The adapter stopped working less than 6 months after I got it (along with the new iPhone). Purchased a second one, which failed after a week. I know my headphones are fine because they work if I plug them directly into a different device (computer or other phone). I can't believe how poorly made these adapters are! And without it, the phone is nearly useless to me in a business context where I need to look at the phone for info while I'm talking. Speaker is really not an option in public places. Shame on Apple for taking away the jack and substituting it with a non-working alternative. Apple really should redesign the adapter and replace them free for all users who currently have no decent choice. Sorry that I upgraded my phone...

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    A terrible terrible solution

    I've been an Apple fanboy since the beginning. Like since the first macintosh. I'm also a musician who owns multiple pairs of headphones and a multitude of 1/8" cables. As a result I'm constantly juggling these awful little dongles. They are ugly, fragile and don't work some of the time. I think if Steve was still alive this never would have happened. It's an insult to the creative people who love apple the most. There must be a better solution. It hurts me inside because I love Apple so much, but this is a purely bone-headed solution.

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    Have lost 2 adapters in a month RIDICULOUS

    For the cost of the iPhone X you would think that Apple would have included earphones that did not require this ridiculous tiny adapter!! I purchased my phone a month ago and I’m on my 3rd and the fact that you can’t charge your phone while your playing your music is another inconvenience for me not for them they’re just looking to sell the charging mats as they are selling and over selling the adapters. For the price of the phone it would have been nice to open the box and find the wireless buds to be honest that’s is what I expected but at least earphone with no adapter required. Lastly within a week of owning the phone the most durable screen to date got scratched up by just being in my purse. So far disappointed overall, the price tag compared to the phone has not impressed me hope that changes in the very near future!!

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    Well, I have no choice.

    Here I am on the apple website where the only apple product that is cheaper here vs ebay/amazon.. when it was $7 not $9. No big deal right? Except I've had 2 already and they've both broken at the same spot. Even the lightning earpods didn't last as long as the 3.5mm ones. This isn't a durable product and only lasts a few months. Every cable I've had from apple including MacBook Magsafe, iPhone chargers, lightning earpods and the lightning to 3.5mm adapter has compromised or failed in less than a year of use. Get used to it..take my $9..-_-

    Here is a suggestion. What if the adapter had no cable? No cable = no broken wires. it could just be a female jack with a male lightning end. boom

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    This is a terrible, terrible solution

    Every time my iPhone fails to recognize it has headphones connected and blasts music out of the speaker on public transport or at work I die inside a little bit more. The latches on the lightning port don't seem to be durable enough to handle frequent plugging and unplugging. It's not an exaggeration to say the removal of the 3.5 mm jack has ruined the experience of owning an iPhone for me.

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    Would rate this 0 stars if I could

    Just bring back the headphone jack. I constantly hear clicking sounds when using the adapter. Worst of all, the buttons on my earphones don't work with the adapter either.

    Actually the worst thing is that you guys Apple aren't going to do anything about it.

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    Headphones horrible connector is worse

    Horrible decision for Apple to abandon the standard 3.5mm headphones just to sell Bluetooth headphones. The claim that they needed this to make the jack waterproof is false as 3.5mm waterproof connectors exist. . I don’t want to charge another device and you can’t even charge the phone while listening. Next time Android or Google phone. Stupid stupid stupid.

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    Low quality

    Stopped working after a few months. Get it together apple.

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    Flimsy junk

    Brand new iPhone 8, headphone adapter totally busted in 1 month of daily use commuting on the train. The thing is, its so obviously flimsy that of course it broke. They probably could have simply omitted the little length of wire and it would be 100 times more robust. Just a terrible, terrible piece of hardware that has thoroughly devalued my otherwise pretty nice phone.

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    Cheaply made

    Lasted 5 months before it stopped working. POS for a 9 dollar adapter.

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    Works for me

    I use Bose active sport ear buds with inline mic and all functionality of my ear buds is intact. Just wish they would leave the 3.5 mic on the phone, I rarely use my speaker phone and so having a larger speaker phone is simply useless for me.

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    Only worked for a bit

    The adapter came with the purchase of my iPhone 8. I’ve only been using it for a short amount of time and the connection between my headphones and the phone is terrible. It’ll cut in and out, if it gets moved a certain way it’ll pause my music because it doesn’t think headphones are connected. I’ve tried unplugging it from my phone and the headphones and re-plugging it in, sometimes that works but now not as much, it feels like the wiring might already be going. Hoping i’m not going to have to buy one of these every few months just to use other headphones.

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    The Apple release that released me from Apple

    Because of this, I'm trading my iPhone 8+ for a HD player and have cancelled my Apple Music trial.

    It made listening to music a trial in itself.

    It sends random signals: stop, start, forward a track, stop, start, stop, start, stop, start, forward another track, jump back four tracks, stop, start... all within three seconds.

    This isn't a headphone adapter, it's a series of random, audio panic attacks that will turn your brain into a Cubist nightmare.

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    By far the worst thing about iPhones

    The lightning port adapter is just rubbish. I am on the third one in a year, because they are so utterly flimsy. Why couldn’t they be make with a protective wire coil? It’s such a poor piece of design and build, and as I can’t find a better one I guess my next phone is a Galaxy. If I could rate it as zero stars I would.

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    Such an inconvenience!

    Apple does stuff well and not well. This is not well. VERY inconvenient.

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    always breaks

    I've been through 5 in 14 months

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    Absolute thievery

    I’ve had this for a month and it’s already broken. I was gifted a 7, otherwise I would’ve avoided the latest gen for this very reason. This company thinks they’ll never lose their customer base, but this certainly has me considering alternatives.

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    I didn't think about the headphone jack when I got my iPhone 8, and I was worried when I realized that there was none. Still, I thought it would probably be fine. It's not. When I put my phone in my pocket, 2 out of three times when I start walking or riding my bike, the sound stops as if I yanked out the headphones. This is a brand new phone by the way. Also there is a constant scratching sound in the right ear of my headphone if I move. Last, I used to watch something or listen to music in bed while charging my phone using my over-the-ear headphones. This is no longer possible—you can't charge the phone and have wired headphones plugged in at the same time which is just dumb. I wish I could go back to the 6S.

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