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    Awesome Case

    Just received my Product Red iPhone 7 leather case. I absolutely love this case!!! It has a great feel to it and the leather and look of it is absolutely on point!!! I was using my sea blue silicone case which I loved but I wanted a leather one and I decided on the product red case!! It feels good to support the cause for aids. Thank you Apple, you have exceeded my expectations for these cases and for the silicone ones as well!! Great job!!!

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    Perfect case to pair with the red 7!

    I bought the red iPhone 7 and this case to protect it and they look great together. Very pleased and glad to support the cause!

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    iPhone 7 leather case

    It's a beautiful leather case, i ordered the navy colour and it's beautiful, it makes ma mobile stand out even more. It have a lovly smooth feel to it, it has the buttons on the side i.e volume ect. I would definitely recommend.

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    Love it

    Fits perfectly

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    I just got the iPhone 7 case (Product Red) and it is the best case I have ever and had. I just got it in the mail a couple days ago and if I could I would by a lot more. I love how the buttons move swiftly when I press them and make a tingling noise. The durability is awesome! I was walking up the stairs and I dropped my phone and I was positive there would be a crack on the screen but there wasent even a scratch. I mean there was one little mark in the corner but it was almost invisable. I reccomend this to anyone who wants a good and durable case. At first look, you might think that this case is bad and your phone will brake easily. But you are very wrong. This is about as strong as an otter box. PARENTS, THIS IS A VERY GOOD CASE AND IT IS VERY DURABLE. It is a little on the expensive side for $45.00 US but it is 100% worth it. I hope this review helps you to get this case.

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    Much better than the leather cases for the iPhone 6S

    I've had this case for a few days now and having had several leather cases for the iphone 6S, I can already say that this will hold up better. On the old cases, within 6 hours I could feel the leather beginning to get slightly rough from handling and my pocket. This case, after 3 days of almost constant handling and going in and out of pockets is holding up much better. The patina that is forming from handling is looking much more natural to leather and less like the coat of dirt the other one appeared to be. Finally, the aluminum buttons are a godsend. The leather buttons on the old case were aweful. After a day or two of handling they lost definition and became very rough. These buttons are very tactile and do not rattle at all. All in all. A huge improvement all around.

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    Great case, but.

    This is a great case and don't get me wrong, I've yet to use it on my new iPhone 7 which will be delivered tomorrow but I have been handling this and comparing it to my Apple iPhone 6s black leather case. I've been an Apple leather case snob going back when they released them for the iPhone 5 and have only bought the black versions. I have purchased many for my family and friends and I do this when I love a product like this. Now, the other colors in these older cases do tend to soak up pigments and grime they are exposed to such as denim dye in jeans pockets. There's so many mid-to-bad reviews due to this and the reason I have always bought and used the black cases. The leather that Apple used up until this new case was somewhat of open pore leather. What does this mean? Well, baseball gloves are open pore leather. Do they show patina (scratches, oil stains, grime, dye absorption) and discoloration? Yes. What can you do about it? Nothing. Open pore leather was meant to do this but it's properties made it ideal for a phone case since it's strong, tough and perfectly tacky to prevent slips, drops, etc. It's also not too tacky to make it an issue removing from a tight jeans pocket. Granted; if you are clumsy and drop your phone a lot it's not going to save the day as much as a bulky plastic/rubber case but the tackiness is the perfect trade-off for me. However, and this is where the "but" comes in from the Title of this review. Apple has decided to use closed pore leather in these new iPhone 7 versions of this case. This means they are much more slippery to the touch. Now, it may eventually wear back into becoming tacky but for the moment I know that when I pop my new i7 into the case this Friday I will have to be more careful for the near term to ensure I don't drop the phone. Not ideal at all. I think Apple did this to reduce the number of negative reviews due to the color bleed problems but I wish they would at least offer two versions of the natural brown and black. Smooth Black and Smooth Brown (closed pore) and Glove Black and Glove Brown (open pore). They have also replaced the smooth leather button covers with hard matte color-match plastic buttons (Lock and Volume -+) and the jury is still out on this one for me but starts in the negative. So, there you have my review before I have even put it on my new iPhone 7 and used it for a while but I have had it in-hand since Monday this week. Also, keep in mind I have purchased probably dozens of previous versions as gifts for family and friends and have used them exclusively on my work/personal iPhones since Apple originally released them. If you like the leather cases but are scared of the color-bleed issues for the colorful ones. I think you can safely try these new iPhone 7 versions.

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