• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Disapointed customer

    I bougth this product 4 months ago and it already looks old, dirty and scratched. I only place it in my purse so there is no rubbing with my jeans which was implied by the customer service atendant. I have many apple products and I have always been happy with them and the customer service until now. I tried to clean the case with good quality products and unfortunatelly nothing has worked. I went to the store in Stonebriar mall in Frisco Texas to see if I could get any help to fix it or replace it but customer service was very poor. After paying around $50 and getting only four months of use the only thing they had to say was,"i am sorry but it is leather and that is the wear and tear," so we talked to the manager and she insisted on the same.
    Not even and exchange was offer for the bad quality product because they only cover manufacturing deffects.

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    Go with dark leather

    The case is nice and sturdy, and the leather is high quality. I went with the tan because it paired very well with the Rose Gold iPhone. What I didn't realize at the time was that any lightly colored leather will quite easily pick up dirt or fabric dyes and will stain permanently. I've tried three different leather cleaners on the case, and nothing will remove the stains. I will go with a dark leather or a light silicone case in the future.

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    Tan color worst choice, looks gross the same day I bought it.

    I considered this color was awesome because of the gold buttons at sides goes well with gold color iPhone, as a designer I thought that if silicone cases have some protection against dirt maybe this one have it too but it's not the case, second day using it and is a complete mess, it's completely ruined and looks gross because of the dirt, I'm extremely careful with my personal objects, everything clean, dapper. Even the finish of the sides at the back of the camera lense part of the case came with imperfections, I realize that at home. I wish I could return this, this does not reflect my aesthetic taste preferences not nothing about me, don't made the same mistake if you want something to look completely clean, and something that goes with the clean design of an iPhone, is my sixth day with this case and this gross looking is worst than garbage. I took it off already, definitely not reflecting me. Do not waste your money.

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    Always use the leather case.

    It's beautiful, light, real leather and lasted around me 3 years for my old iPhone 6 Plus case and this one is about 6 months old and still looks awesome. Like real leather, you need to look after it. I apply a tiny amount of leather conditioner (to the outside only) bi-monthly. Also like real leather, expect a little colour change. It only adds about 25g (0.88oz) to the weight of the phone. It doesn't degrade the performance at all and makes the camera flush witt the case.

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    bad quality

    Honestly, the Tan leather case is very beautiful but with very bad quality. I've just bought it 2 months ago and now I want to buy a Silicone case. Do not waste your money at all.

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    Expensive mistake

    Have to agree with the previous reviewer. Love my 7plus but the tan leather case was the wrong choice. Have had it for less than a month and it just looks grubby along the sides. Picks up dirt. Shame as the leather in essence is nice, creases along the bends and obviously too delicate a colour. £49 is a lot for a case that makes a great phone look dirty :(

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    Really disappointed!

    This case cost such a fortune for what it is! It picks up all the dirt, when you try to clean it makes it worse. It's so slippery. It's such a snug fit it almost feels too tight it's difficult to take on and off. The bottom at the sides and the top at the sides looks as though they have put another bit of leather on top so it's not a smooth finish. I had the iPhone 6, with a leather case and never had any problems with it. Seems as though apple are making iPhone 7 cases cheaper as the quality isn't anywhere near as good. Overall really disappointed with this case, not what you expect for £49! Wish I had returned it.

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    Nice case

    This case fits snug on my iPhone 7 plus in jet black. It is easy to get on and off and still holds its form on the phone. The tan color looks great and goes with anything. I like the metallic button covers on the sides, and they match up well with the volume and lock buttons (you don't have to forcefully press!). The case also covers the sides, edges, and corners of the phone while leaving the bottom speakers open. I don't find it to be very slippery like other customer reviews mentioned. Match it with a screen protector and you're good to go!

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    Tan leather 7 plus phone case

    I purchased this phone case on Saturday. It's now Monday and the phone case is ruined from my denim jeans. It's stained and it won't come off. I had a similar one for my 6s plus and had no problems so choose wisely while picking a color.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Case with the Matte Black Phone


    The combination of the Tan leather case and the iPhone 7 plus in matte black offers an unstated elegance, that is not often discussed. I suspect that most people would first consider black or storm grey of midnight blue. I would suggest pausing to consider the Tan aption as well. Tan also makes it easier to locate the phone on a dark surface.

    I love the tactile feel of the metal volume and power buttons. Much easier to negotiate than with previous Apple leather cases. The color of the buttons easily stands out against the rest of the case. The difference us more pronounced than with other color options. I like the effect and how it contributes to ease of use.

    I have not found the case to be slippery, although some have noticed this to be so with Apple's new leather cases. The case adds little extra bulk and serbs to offer a reasonable degree of protection, without much weight. My case has two slight imperfections, but that is inherent with quality genuine leather. Apple has created a great case, worthy of serious consideration.

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