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    Better Than Old Charging Cable System

    I love the idea of not having to spend $79 every time a cable breaks. Having this come separate from the cable will save me a lot of money!

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    Safe clean design.

    This is the charger of the future, what what it does, which is provide the MacBook with an incredible 87W of USB-C power, it's an incredible piece of engineering.

    What most people fail to take into account is the fact that this is engineering at it's finest, a clean box that doesn't overheat while still providing maximum oomph to your sleek MacBook Pro (or any other device needing angry pixies)

    With USB-C I can charge any USB-C device, so I can use the same charger, with the same USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 cable to charge my fancy BeoPlay A1 speaker, and because B&o engineered this to comply with the new USB-C standards, the little speaker will actually make great use of all 89W of angry pixies.

    My only gripe is that this isn't a 100W charger, because that is the maximum USB-C allows, but that would mean an even bigger charger.

    I bought the Power Adapter Extension Cable because I like to be able to work with my computer anywhere, and sometimes even charging it, but this might be excessive, but I appreciate that the charger doesn't come with this extension cable like previous chargers or computers did, because most people don't need this, so it's a bit of a waste honestly.

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    A great example of terrible design

    - blocks outlets / requires large vertical space
    - no reasonable retention to wall outlet
    - no cable management
    - no cable strain relief
    - no protection for prongs being bent/torqued
    - no protection for usb cable being bent/torqued
    - ships with a charge-only USBC cable
    - ugly seams / gap where prongs can be swapped

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    USB-C Missing cable

    So since every one here is commenting on the changes made to the computer and not the brick it self I will comment on the brick.

    The brick is one of the few USB-C bricks that comply 100% with the over 60 Watt usb-c 100PD. This means this will charge all the way from a google pixel to a 15 MacBook Pro. This brick is the omni charger of the USB-C world.

    The only issue is cost. I know apple this is first party but you took away the cable. That was a gut punch move.

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    Poor design choices + nickel and diming = unhappy customer

    As a longtime Apple enthusiast, I tend to go easy on Apple when it comes to controversial design decisions. However, this is getting out of hand. 1) Apple dropped all cable management for this new adapter design. This time around, there are no fold out clips to wrap the cable around the adapter and there is no clip on the cable itself to facilitate wrapping it up. I have to use a black Velcro strap every time I'm done using it and want to securely stow it in my bag, which is exactly the opposite of the simple yet functional design aesthetic I thought Apple strived for. 2) There is no charging indicator / status light on the new AC Adapters. As a result, I have to log in to the laptop and check the battery meter to monitor progress. 3) There is no reasonable justification for charging $79 for an "extra" AC adapter AND forcing me to pay another $19 for the required charging cable that used to be included (and permanently affixed) to previous iterations of Apple AC adapters. That's right folks, for $79 you get only the power brick, the charging cable (seems like an obvious requirement) that runs between the brick and the laptop is NOT included! Once you throw that in, you're looking at almost $100 to keep a backup power cord in your laptop bag.

    Apple somehow managed to ruin every single aspect of what used to be an elegant design. Best of all, they charge more for the privilege of using it.

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    Too bulky and too overpriced

    This thing works but it's really ridiculous that you need to spend 80 dollars on a power adapter that doesn't even include the charging cable. Also, since the LED indicator is gone as well there is no way to know if your laptop is charging unless you heard the sound it makes when you plug it in. Overall, its really not the best but its what you need to power your device.

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    works but big and bulky

    whats the big point of sacrificing a few essential ports like the regular USB or ethernet or HDMI on the MacBook Pro to make it 100 grams less lighter if this brick is going to weigh as much as a real brick. Really Apple, really!

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    No USB-C Cable Included

    Over 100$ CAD for an adapter you can't do anything with unless you already have a USB-C cable, this has to be a joke or an error, right?

    Talk about a scam...

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    For $100, this charger does not even include a cable to charge with?!

    Apple you are shameful pirates.

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