• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Comfortable but..

    This is a very comfortable band, fairly easy to attach to your wrist, strong and durable. However after approximately a year of wear, the orange has turned brown from sweat and dirt and no amount of "wipe with a damp cloth" is going to get it looking good again. Also, minor fraying is beginning to occur, especially on the loop the excess band slides into. To be fair, I've worn the watch an average of 16 hours a day for the past year and rarely remove it when working in the yard. I've probably been tougher than average on the band. That said, I'd consider this a somewhat expensive disposable watch band good for about a year of wear. If you plan to buy several different colors and change them to match your attire or mood, of course they will last much longer. For someone like me, a sports band or milanese loop is a much better choice.

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Orange woven nylon

    Great band.
    Comfortable and light.
    Feels good on hand.
    When wet it might take a little to get dry.


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    Nice colour, decent quality...

    I really like the Nylon strap. I was a little concerned originally as the strap isn't contoured around the clips like the Sport Band is, not giving the strap a more natural transition from the shape of the body to the strap; this is just square up to the clips that slot into the body. However, upon trying one in the Apple store, I was really surprised at how nice it did look. The colour really pops out against the case which is nice (silver body). I've always been a metal strap person, but my pockets aren't deep enough for an Apple stainless strap, nor a leather to be fair, so this was the next best option!

    I know it will always come down to wear and tear with a soft material, and whilst still pretty strong, I am a little disappointed at how the hole that I use on the strap had stretched after about a month. The band was too loose on the next hole down which meant the watch thought I kept taking it off and disabling everything, so I had to use the next one. Unfortunately, that was a little too tight and as such has stretched the hole and it does look a little scruffy as a result which is a shame.

    The other negative is the ease at which it shows up marks. A lighter colour was always going to do this, but as I have the Nike+ edition there have been a few occasions where the band has gotten wet (not saturated, but a few decent splashes); and after they have dried up they have stained the strap. A very mild soapy wipe over will get rid of some of them, but there have been a few that you can still see when the light catches it.

    Overall I am pleased with the strap. It is a little steep for what it is but makes the watch look smart when the Nike+ Sport Band isn't suitable attire. I'd have no hesitation buying another, but maybe a darker colour would be better!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Unassuming but Tough and Elegant Watch-Band

    I ordered this following inspection of the various possibilities at the Apple Store in Amsterdam. The design is extremely simple, the material very strong and the patterning and colurs really need to be seen in natural light. The band complements the Watch (in my case a silver stainless steel case) perfectly. It i elegant and complementary without btaking attention from the main event. It is also very comgortable to wear, and holds the wrist when well fastened almost as well as the polymer sports-band. The woven nylon band is perfect for the general day to day and sends no coded messages such as "fitness obsessive" or "status conscious". It does however say something about elegance and self worth... Underrated.

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    Bold, Intense Colour

    The colour of this band is very bold and intense, which I like. The orange is much brighter and richer than the pictures on the website show and contrasts superbly with the watch (I have a silver aluminium). The only thing I am concerned about is that the colour may fade over time however my previous woven nylon strap hasn't yet, so hopefully this won't either.

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