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    42mm Light Pink/Midnight Blue Woven Nylon

    I have the series 2 space black stainless steel watch & I have 6 different bands so far this 1 is definitely 1 of my favorites so far. I really like the colors in this & it's very easy to put on. I have 4 different of the Woven Nylon bands & 2 of the sport bands I like the Woven Nylon a lot better there very comfortable & very easy to put on & take off. The price for these is a good deal to & well worth it they don't feel cheap like the knockoff bands do the stainless steel closure on them is also a really nice feature. I think these are a lot cooler on your wrist then the Sport Band I don't swear as much with these as I do with the sport bands, I do outside work so that was something that was very important to me. The colors in this band look really good & they really set of my space black watch. These are also very easy to change out for another band. I would highly recommend this to anyone & I would say it's worth trying at least 1 of the Woven Nylon bands I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed

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    I've never had a nylon woven strap as i do love the sports bands a lot however i am in love with this strap its goes really well with my rose gold watch and the material is very lightweight but very strongly build i have no worries about this strap fraying or breaking on me like other after market straps can do within weeks. again a little pricey but you do get great value for money.

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