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    Good until you use it!

    Great band, love the way it work and looks. But I've been through the original and it's replacement from apple now and both have had the leather started to peel away from the metal piece of the strap that attaches to the watch. In the end, it's not fit for purpose. I do wear my watch everyday for around 14 hour, but six months of use out of a strap that cost £150 is not good enough. I'd expect a strap to last years, or until it goes out of fashion!

    I ended up changing it for a standard leather strap, which hopefully will not fall apart (but only had it a month so far). My first Loop lasted about 6 months, the replacement lasted around the same time. My second replacement is the standard leather strap, which is nice and good quality, as you'd expect, but it's a standard buckle, that's been around forever. Seems like they got it right and the new designs just aren't there yet. Shame, as I liked the loop.

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