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    Not worth it

    Within 2 years i went through 3 different pairs of urbeats. And all of them had the same issue, where one ear bud would stop working. Usually the left would stop playing music but i would still be able to control it. I love how the music comes out and what not but the fact that i went through 3 different pairs within 2 years makes me disappointed in them.

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    Awful Sound Quality

    I have bought many apple products (multiple phones, macs and ipads) over the years and these headphones are awful. I usually buy the headphones that the store offers (I need rubber "buds' for my ears versus the disks headphones that come with the phone) and now the majority of the offerings are Beats brand. The quality is so poor inn these - it is slightly above a cheap pair you could get at a drug store for $20 which I just had after I broke my last pair of headphones. When I called customer service to ask about specs for other models (Beats or non-Beats), the person was not able to give me any details or even compare the products (I am willing to pay more for quality). Clearly I can't go on price alone as an indicator of quality. These are really poor. Other headphone brands I have purchased from Apple Stores - Sennheiser (multiple), and Adidas cobranded.

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    Beats earbuds

    Pretty decent

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    Bad quality! dont buy

    My brother sister and I all got these beats Christmas 2015. About 3 months after, mine stopped working and i barely even used them. The left ear piece just completely stopped working and the right one was just really quiet at the loudest volume I couldnt hear anything. My sister's and brother's broke about a month after mine. The left ear on both of theirs just stopped working as well. Very disappointing considering how expensive they were. I wouldnt ever buy these again.

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    Don't bother

    I went thru 3 pairs of these (black) in just over a year and the same problem occurred: first the left side went out, then the right. Clearly a design flaw. In Apple's defence, they were great about it. In the end I went with another product.

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    Want to waste $99, go ahead and buy these...

    Bought a pair of these last year. After 12 months plus 3 weeks of slight use, the microphone stopped working. Brought them back to the Apple Store to be told that one day beyond the 12 month period there was nothing they would do to help or compensate. Extremely bad service and warranty approach from Apple but that is besides the point.
    Back to the actual product. 100% marketing and high price, for very low quality earbuds. Sound quality is extremely poor (base heavy) and quality in line or even lower than $19 earbuds. $99 earbuds should be built to offer good performance for 5 years plus, not basically disposable after one year.
    If you are a smart shopper avoid these at all cost. If you read 3 to 5 star reviews and decide to still go ahead and buy them, at some point in the near future you will be back reading this review saying you should have bought something different.
    Extremely bad product.

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    Broke in less then a month

    I would not recommend these urbeats Earbuds.
    In the first couple of weeks they worked completely fine but out of nowhere the cord just went faulty. I would use these to talk on the phone and I literally couldn't hear the person speaking. And during the times when I Would listen to music with the earbuds I could not hear any of the words being sung, just the beat. These earbuds cost too much money for them to be breaking or made with cheap materials this is ridiculous.

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    not bad

  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Poorly made

    Bought a pair of these last year. Both earpieces have come apart and the left earpiece no longer has any sound. Second time this has happened. Really poor for such a lot of money. Don't buy!!!

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    Trash it

    I have gotten 4 pairs on these headphones and they get ruined within 5 to 6 months. It's always that 1 earphone just stops working. When the first one stopped working I just thought I didn't take enough care of them but after I broke the second I started realising that they are just rubbish and now I just have to keep getting replacing them because they don't give cash back. Just know if you do decide to buy these you will regret them soon after. Learn from my mistakes and just please don't buy these rubbish headphones. Thank you

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