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    Colourful and comfortable

    Bought this band in June for my gold Apple Watch, the band is durable and can handle daily wear and tear, it feels very light and comfortable on the wrist and doesn't make your wrist sweaty which the sport Band sometimes does in hot weather or while excercising. I recommend this band for all Apple Watch users, especially ones who have a watch in either the gold or rose gold finish.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I received this as a gift and it is amazing, the feel of it is very stage but in a good way as you can't really describe it. the material is soft and flexible but also a little bit stiff, I suggest going to a store and feeling them if it wasn't bough for me a s a gift I would have defiantly bought it myself

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    Great, could be better

    I got this band at the Apple Store in Dallas in April. Immediately I put it on my Watch. It looks amazing at first, but it is not as bright as it appears in pictures or on the packaging. I love it, but it tends to fade and get dirty really easily. I do wish it came with a large and small band like the sport bands do, or if you could choose a size that'd be nice. It fits my wrist perfect, and I am a teenage male. If you have somewhat larger wrists, try one on prior to purchase. So far, I've found if you gently rinse the band off, not saturate it but instead dab it clean, it takes most of the dirt away. Overall, I'm glad with my purchase, but i do wish that the bands came with clasps that match the Watch cases. (I.e.: my Watch is a Series 1 Gold sport model and the clasps are all silver aluminum. Not a big deal but bothers OCD people.)

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