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    Defective smart cover

    I just bought my smart cover at the Apple store today and when I got home and took it out of the box, the part of it that turns the iPad on and off isn't working, so it's a cover, but definitely not very smart. I'll be taking it back tomorrow and hope the replacement works better than the original.

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    Not really washable

    Have the yellow cover, lasted a month tops, when the inside got a bit dirty then I tried to wash it with water and a tiny bit of mild dish soap and the thing turned splotchy gray and spotted . Yuck.... choose another color and better yet a different cover.

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    Disregard all these people giving one star reviews. This cover works EXACTLY as advertised! Sure, it's no otterbox protection but that not how it's advertised to be. And for those complaining about no protection for the back, no where does it say it covers the back. You can even see in the pictures it doesn't cover the back. Apple makes a case for the back compatible with this cover. If it's too expensive for you maybe don't spend a so much money on something you can't take care of.

    Excellent product Apple!!!

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    needs to have protection for back-side of Ipad Pro as well

    this ipad is a HUGE investment as it cost me close to a grand (including tax) so I want to make sure I can do everything I can to make sure it is 100% protected JUST IN CASE...the front cover is 'fine' I guess, but where's the back cover like the one they had for the ipad pro 9.7? I feel ripped off like the other customer too. For the price of $50 bucs, all you get is a small flap that lays on the front of the screen? thank god I also bought ZAPP screen protection glass guard (that stuff is amazing AND IS WORTH THE PRICE)...but as of right now, my ipad pro 10.5 has ZERO protection on the back-side leaving it open for scrapes, nicks, drops that could cause internal damage, etc.

    Apple, you NEED to develop/create a back case protector for the 10.5 EXACTLY like the 9.7 model...I own that for my 9.7 and I love it and it keeps my ipad safe and secure...there's seriously NO REASON to leave the back of the ipad open for possible damage...we paid a lot for these devices, and we should have the ability right out of the gate to purchase what we need to protect it.

    and I prefer always buying apple products - but if you don't come up with a back case protector very, very soon - I am going to go with a third party brand...it's just not worth risking damage...but shame on you apple for not keeping the customer in mind. why would you not think that customers would also buy the back protector again for their brand new ipad?? it's just insane

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    What is so Smart about it?

    OK, maybe it's my fault for not reading the fine print; I just assumed that, given the cost, the Smart Cover had a front AND a back to protect my new iPad Pro. If I'd realized it was only the front I never would have ordered it. This is like paying full price for a pair of boots and when they're delivered, there's only one boot. Oops, we thought you'd be OK walking around half barefoot. Then I come back to the site to see what else is available and my alternative is a $130 - $150 leather sleeve? Poor planning in support of a product launch. This cover will be returned and I'm going shopping on Amazon. Meanwhile my new iPad stays at home where it won't get scratched, instead of in my laptop bag.

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    Protection? Not a Chance.

    My new, excessively expensive iPad Pro 10.5 cover is a joke. Okay, it covers the screen when not in use. Beyond that, not practical. It does not serve as a stand, instead it flops down within seconds. The magnetic strip holding it onto the iPad Pro? Slips off easily leaving the screen completely unprotected. No protection for the back side of the iPad at all. Sorry, but this is a gigantic rip off. I'd like my money back please.

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