• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Let down again by poor quality of Apple hardware

    • Written by David P from New bern

    I purchased Studio3’s 1month ago. They sound good with an emphasis on the bass tones. They are comfortable and the quick charge is awesome. However, out of nowhere (I only use them at my desk indoors), they stopped taking a charge. I’ve been to all of Apples trouble shooting and resetting advice. Still nothing. I’ve been to every forum for a solution. All I have found is that everyone agrees these are poor quality pieces of hardware. This is just like every other Apple product I’ve purchased from MacBooks to iPhones. They work great at first, and then start to fizzle fast. I guess that’s why Apple pushes their AppleCare so hard. Apple has become the KIA of electronics. I miss the old Apple.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    £299 is a rip off for these

    • Written by Ashton W from Bramford

    Now the fact that these connect instantly is incredible, but for £299, these are awful, the audio quality is very very disappointing. Personally I own AirPods, and not only the quality is far superior, but they also have more base than the Beats do, which makes no sense? On top of that, the beats are not very comfortable to wear for long periods, and the headphones physical quality just isn’t that great, it’s almost all plastic, though I’m glad there is no leather, but adjusting them is janky, with clicks, and the control buttons are very loud and clicky... and lastly, the noise counselling isn’t that great, it works fine, but plays up on busses and trains, creating very annoying noises... all in all, I wouldn’t recommend these at all

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    It is not worth more than $100

    • Written by Prabhas K from Las Vegas

    These headphones may sound okayish but they are not comfortable at all. The most uncomfortable headphones I have ever worn. A $100 headphone is more comfortable than these. I did not return them thinking they will stretch over time, but they did not get stretch. I still regret not exchanging them with some other headphones in the same price line. Total waste of money. Only buy these if you getting them for less than $100. Otherwise, there are excellent products out there for $350 price line.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Sound is OK but the On/Off lags too much...

    • Written by David C from Duvall

    These are a quality build headphone, sound good etc. They dont get 5 stars for these three reasons...
    Always a pain to put them on and hit the on/off button and expect them to pair and play in like 2 seconds or less. Problem is the boot up lag is so long you press on/off again turning them off. Only to start the process over again. They need to make a sound the instant after you press the on button.
    Reason they lost another star - They charge with micro usb. Ohhhh what other Apple smartphone has used micro usb in the past 11 years? None. Wth - these should be charged with a lightning cable so they interop with all my Apple phone chargers. Wish they would turn on noise canceling without 3 minute auto shutoff. If you dont pair them on BT and just want noise canceling feature you have to plug in the audio cable into your wireless headphones or they shutoff in about 3 minutes. Ill ding them a 3rd star for this broken scenario.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Great head phones but poor material

    • Written by Angus J from Portsmouth

    The sound system is great, the noise cancellation is excellent. If I was writing this comment 5 months ago when I recently bought it, it would have gotten a 5 star easily. However, 5 months in and the plastic part that holds the extension bit starts to break easily. If I am lucky, I can get 2 more months off it. For, the price I doubt it is worth the lifespan. Everything else seems great though.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Poor sound quality; poor noise cancellation; uncomfortable

    • Written by Pavel Z from Novouralsk

    Sound quality: the bass is ridiculously overwhelming, as usual for Beats. It's very muddy, not "punchy" at all, since it causes the earcup to resonate and also drowns out all other frequencies, e.g. vocals. You can easily find a pair of headphones that handles loud bass much better, without resorting to the "Bass Reducer" EQ setting. Speaking of vocals (heh), the frequency response of this pair doesn't really favor vocals and guitars.

    Active noise cancellation: it kinda works, but there is a huge obvious flaw. The ANC microphone picks up and _amplifies_ wind noise right into your ears. It's also very sensitive, so even the slightest movement of air (e.g. from a brisk walk) is enough for it to sound like there's a hurricane raging around you. It wasn't a problem with 3 other different noise cancelling headphone models I've used.

    Comfort: earcups are relatively small and exert a lot of pressure on your head. This might be uncomfortable for you, it is for me. They also don't rotate when folded.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Solos Sound Better

    • Written by Jonathan R from Vermillion

    I just received my Beats Studios today and I instantly wanted to see how they sounded compared to the Beats Solos I already own. Sadly I was disappointed because personally I think the Beats Solos sound better than the Studios because the Solos are able to go much louder than the Studios. I don't know if this just happens to be with the pair of Studios I received or with all of them in general, but it sort of bugs me that I'll be using my Solos more often then my Studios even though the Studios costed much more. If the Studios were the first Beats headphones I've ever owned, then I would've liked them much more since I wouldn't have been able to compare them to the Solos.

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