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    kind of works with iPad Pro

    • Written by James L from South Weymouth

    Technically it works with the 3rd gen iPad Pro 12.9, but it is so slow working with RAW files. I read somewhere it helps to install the SD card into the reader first before connecting it to the iPad. This worked for me as far as the iPad recognizing the files. But the image preview takes forever to see which files to copy, and copying even only a handful of files takes way longer than on my old Macbook Pro with SD reader. I copied 7 RAW files from the SD card to Photos, and it took 3-4 minutes. So for now I don't recommend spending $40 on it, but hoping the performance improves once iPad OS is released.

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    Problem with RAW Files (specifically .CR3 file)

    • Written by Steve S from Guildford

    Although this is not necessarily this USB-C to SD Card Reader fault, there are problems (as of 4th Jan 2019), with reading the newish Canon RAW .CR3 files.
    I bought this cable to be able to store my Photos on my new iPad Pro 2018. ie). Copying my SD cards Photos taken with the new Canon EOS R Mirrorless camera.
    Unfortunately IOS PHOTOS crashes when doing the IMPORT. The cable / SD reader is no doubt fine, and I know it works for JPEG / .CR2 etc. but does have problems with certain files in the RAW .CR3 format, just some.

    SO it really depends on Apples PHOTOS IOS Application to be resilient and intelligent. Sorry only gave this cable 2 stars, but it needs PHOTOS to work.

    Just to add, I have been able to identify a specific .CR3 file that IOS Photos IMPORT objects to (don't know why), however it is quite readable on Photos High Sierra & Photos Mojave (via USB), Photoshop etc. So it only happens on IMPORT .. that's when you will use this cable.

    Just thought I would warn you.

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