Closers. Up close.

To inspire you to close your Activity rings, here’s a quick look at how other Apple Watch owners are closing theirs.

Yoyo S.

With the competitions feature, I can see my friends moving and exercising. It gets me out of bed.

Rock climbing. Swimming. Fashion blogging. Stand-up paddleboard yoga. Cycling. Yoyo does it all. But her favourite way to move by leaps, bounds and uppercuts is Muay Thai kick-boxing. Her friend is also a kick-boxer and fitness enthusiast, so along with their occasional spars, they like to settle their differences through a friendly Activity competition on Apple Watch.

The only thing Yoyo likes more than competing is winning.

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Jessica S.

The rings turn it into a game. Even if you’re not trying to hit a target, you close them just for fun.

Jessica is the founder and lead instructor of Fat Buddha Yoga. She’s also a surfer and regularly DJs at clubs around the world. Being active in so many different ways can make it hard to track her fitness. But with Apple Watch, it’s simple. And whether she’s powering through a plank or dancing behind the turntables, everything counts.

Jessica can see her progress with a lift of the wrist.

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Cory W-M.

If you’re bored, just move. Jump around. Pick something up and throw it. Enjoy yourself.

Cory believes in closing his rings every day, no matter where he is in the world. As a captain of the Track Mafia running club and fitness instructor, he’s led people in sprints up shopping centre escalators, jogs through the Wembley Stadium car park and marathon runs that stretch all the way from Santa Monica to Las Vegas. He also frequently cycles or runs to whatever’s next on his busy schedule.

Cory inspires people to go the distance as a Nike Run Club coach.

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Haley A.

I’m a pretty competitive person. So it’s always a good feeling when I close the rings.

Haley competes for the US National Team as an elite open water swimmer. She uses the Pool Swim workout to track her distance in the pool, where she closes her Exercise ring in training sessions every morning. Because she’s highly competitive, Haley tries to double her Move and Exercise rings every day.

Haley’s swimming metrics are duration, active calories, laps and distance.

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Jason L.

I believe in exercising the mind, the body and the heart.

In addition to the strenuous workout he gets on the podium, Jason likes to close his rings using the Workout app to track swimming, cycling and weightlifting. When it comes to staying mentally fit, reminders from the Breathe app nudge Jason during his busy day, helping him to recentre.

The Heart Rate app lets Jason quickly check his pulse during performance breaks.

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Natsumi Y.

Apple Watch helps me be a better instructor. It also shows me how to live a healthier life.

Natsumi is a yoga instructor and model living in Tokyo. She uses the Yoga workout to close her Exercise ring while she’s teaching a class. On occasion, Natsumi likes to surprise her students by taking them on hiking expeditions, where the Hiking workout tracks her distance and calorie burn. If Natsumi’s rings aren’t closed by the afternoon, she walks to her modelling gigs.

Natsumi uses the Breathe watch face to begin yoga classes.

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