Could an ipad take the place or a regular computer for everyday use?

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    Hello. If you are referring to writing e-mail, school reports, and using apps like Quicken (financial accounting), definitely go for a regular computer. It is faster and more comfortable to sit at a desk, looking straight at the screen, and typing. If you spend many hours doing this, maneuvering an iPad can become tiring. You can get a large monitor (with a desktop computer) or a 15" or even 17" screen on a laptop - even more with an all-in-one desktop computer - so you can watch movies and play games. If you need portability, go for a laptop. Since I do most of my computing at work and at home, I prefer a tower or desktop. I play games, listen to music, surf the web, do graphic art work (with the use of a drawing tablet, and edit photographs on my home computer. I use Skype, Quicken, Word, and all sorts of computer programs. I shop at my favorite online stores after getting ratings from I can run five programs at a time, interchanging them with a click of a button on the bottom. Drawback? You have to be able to type. :)

    • Answered by Judy R from Bronx
    • 8/06/2013
  • Yes it could. If you get the iPad with retina display with 32 or 64 gb, you can fit many documents and essays (if you're a college/high school student) with numbers or pages, and presentations with keynote. If touch keyboards aren't your thing, you could always buy the Logitech magnetic keyboard for less than $100. If you want a MacBook Pro feel for a cheaper price, get the black. If you want the look of a MacBooks air, get the white. If you want the most portable option, get the iPad mini, it has a keyboard accessory too. Hope this helps :)

    • Answered by Jenna C from Newmarket
    • 11/06/2013
  • If all you do is browse the web, get apps, listen to music, watch videos it's amazing. It's my best investment so far.

    • Answered by Josh K
    • 7/06/2013