I have a 64g IPad 3. What advantages would I gain with an IPad 4?

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    THe iPad 4 has marginally faster performance, which is nearly only clear in graphic intense games. The facetime (front) camera on the iPad 4 is slightly better quality, mainly 720p facetime calls vs 480p calls on the iPad 3. The iPad 4 uses the lightning connector, which means your ipad 3 accessories will not work with the ipad 4. if they involve using the connector you will have to buy new accessories. The lightning cord is smaller and reversible, however. The ipad 4 also is available in a 128gb model if you want more storage than the 64gb you already have. The iPad 4 also has some antenna upgrades to make it compatible with more 4G LTE networks in foreign countries. I have an iPad 3 and really, I would just keep it. They are both phenomenal products. hope it helped.

    • Answered by Paula S from Brooklyn
    • 5/07/2013