Is there a waterproof iPod?

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    Hi Maureen,

    You cannot buy a waterproof iPod directly from Apple. However, Underwater Audio specializes in waterproofing iPod shuffles for long term, fully submersible use (as compared to accidental spills). You can take an Underwater Audio iPod into the swimming pool or out in open water. They are waterproofed with a proprietary process that waterproofs the inside of the shuffle, so they look the same to the naked eye. Waterproofing is done in the USA and the players can be shipped to many countries. Available at

    Hope this helps.

    • Answered by Scott W
    • 12/07/2013
  • No, but you can get cases which are (mostly) waterproof for most if not all iPods, iPads and iPhones. Also, some 3rd party resellers provide a water proofing treatment, which makes your iDevices mostly waterproof. However, this is a paid service, advertised clearly, and is not very widely available. All the same, if all you want is splash resistance, it may be for you.

    • Answered by Phil & Margaret S from Cairns
    • 4/01/2013
  • no, but there is a waterproof casing for it

    • Answered by Wilina L from Jakarta
    • 7/01/2013
  • No, only a third party waterproof housing.

    • Answered by Thomas H from Toronto
    • 7/01/2013