Piecing together Tudor history.
A classroom renaissance.

For the past decade, Sophie Post has taught Tudor history at Falkner House School. The War of the Roses is a complicated topic for Year 5 students, spanning 118 years. By providing her class with interactive books and apps, her students are empowered to lead the lesson — turning a complex timeline into a hands‑on experience.

“We’ve taken a dry collection of dates and events and transformed them into an exciting adventure.”

Sophie Post, Primary School Teacher, Falkner House School


Introduce the topic.

With iPad, a royal family holds court in the classroom.

Central to Sophie’s lesson is the textbook she’s created using iBooks Author. By making her own material, she’s able to use interactive features to introduce Tudor history in a way that’s customised, visual and personalised for her students.


Students take the lead on a walk through the past.

Sophie makes sense of the Tudor family timeline by turning it into a custom-made iBooks textbook, which includes a detailed interactive widget. From major battles to the royal line of succession, Sophie provides a comprehensive and visual exploration of the key events and many branches of the family tree.

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“Now students can independently explore, discover and ultimately have a much clearer understanding of the subject.”


Members of the House of Tudor


Battles and rebellions



1485 1601

With an interactive timeline on their iPad devices, students are able to review all of the details at their own pace — revisiting events until they understand them.

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Build student understanding.

Students team up to explore and interact with the timeline using their choice of apps.

Once students have a grasp of major milestones in Tudor history, Sophie breaks the class into smaller groups to investigate the details.

“iPad can help tailor lessons to each child, so they can learn in the very best way possible for them.”

Red Rose of Lancaster
The Tudor Rose
White Rose of York

The Tudor Rose represents the joining of two houses, which brought an end to the War of the Roses. Sometimes called the Union Rose, it is still used as the floral heraldic emblem of England today.

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Demonstrate learning.

With iMovie, all the details connect to form the history.

After working in groups to understand the pieces of Tudor history, the class comes together to assemble their individual projects into a single timeline, bringing the Tudor family tree to life.


Seeing the bigger picture.

For their final project, the class uses iMovie to place each group’s recreations into chronological order. Using the timeline in Sophie’s textbook as a guide, they create a dynamic multimedia interpretation of Tudor family history. They demonstrate that they’ve mastered the subject matter through a fun, collaborative and unforgettable learning experience.

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“If students have a great idea how to demonstrate what they’ve learned on iPad, I’m always open to it, because their idea is usually far better than anything I could have imagined.”

iTunes U

Everything in one place.

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Sophie uses iTunes U to organise and deliver all of her lessons’ books, materials, apps, movies and assignments directly to each student’s iPad.

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Personalise and perfect your lesson.

With the variety of apps, books, podcasts, movies and music available through iTunes, designing a customised lesson is easier than you might think. Get started with the apps Sophie’s class uses or explore other ways to integrate iPad into your classroom.

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