The simplicity of iOS meets the power of SAP.

Apple and SAP have joined forces to help companies everywhere redesign their business processes. The partnership will deliver the tools and technologies to build innovative iOS apps exclusively for iPhone and iPad to SAP’s global developer community. And deliver powerful native apps built with Swift, which tap seamlessly into SAP systems with an amazing user experience only iOS can bring. Millions of SAP users will have access to critical data with more ease, speed and efficiency than ever before.


Delivering a new SDK to develop powerful native iOS apps that integrate easily with SAP systems.


Educating more than 2.5 million SAP developers with tools and training focused on iOS app development.


Building a new set of apps, made for iOS, to speed business processes across key industries.

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iPhone and iOS are enabling every industry, every line of business and every employee to work in astounding new ways.

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iOS technology is fuelling a whole new generation of apps that bring more power, more insights and more capability to your business than ever before.

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Progressive IT organisations are transforming their business strategy with iOS. By providing simple setup, scalable deployment and complete management, iOS enables IT to empower employees across all lines of business.

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