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Logic Pro X: Refine the basic bass sound

that the boosting of the low mid frequencies is a little too strong at this point, so return the Mid value to 0.30. The sound could stand to be a little more wiry, so set the High knob to a value of 0.30. To finish off, set the Level knob (to the right of the amplitude envelope) to a value of −3 dB. The sound is now as loud as possible, without the low notes distorting. Save this sound setting as E-Bass Fingered Basic EQ1....

Final Cut Pro X: Use chroma keys

In the following examples, an image of a woman is keyed over a scene in an empty subway station. The light stands are removed in Finalize the key. Apply the chroma key effect In the timeline, add the foreground clip (the chroma key clip with the color you want to remove) to the primary storyline. Drag the background clip (the clip you want to superimpose the chroma key clip over) so that it’s connected below the foreground clip in the primary storyline. For more information about connected clips, see Connect...

iMac (Late 2015) - Essentials

Ethernet port: Connect a router or modem to get on the Internet, or connect to another computer to transfer files without using Wi-Fi. Power button AC power cord • AC power cord: Pass the power cord through the hole in the stand , plug it into the power port on the back of your iMac, then plug the cord into a power outlet. • Power button: Press and hold for three seconds to turn your iMac on or off, or press to put it to sleep. 74% resize factor Chapter 1 iMac at a glance 6 Connect accessories...

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