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ROLI Songmaker Kit - GarageBand Edition

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ROLI Songmaker Kit GarageBand Edition

ROLI Songmaker Kit GarageBand Edition

Unleash your music with the Songmaker Kit GarageBand Edition, the all in one expressive companion to GarageBand for Mac.

GarageBand is the most popular music creation software in the world with a complete library of sounds and a modern, intuitive design. GarageBand makes it easy for anyone to learn, play and record.

The Songmaker Kit works seamlessly with GarageBand. Three powerful devices give you more control and expression than ever before so you can take your song from start to finish.

The Seaboard Block is a re-invention of the keyboard. On its unique touch responsive surface you can bend, shape and enhance sounds in GarageBand, including fifty ROLI sounds optimized for this kit.

The Lightpad Block's illuminated surface adapts to your needs, whether you're laying down drums or playing melodies. You can mix your song and even customize your sounds with GarageBand's smart controls.

The Loop Block helps you create your tracks more easily. Its buttons are shortcuts to GarageBand's most useful production tools so you can get where you need quickly, without breaking your flow.

Onboarding films will help you get started in no time. Sample projects give you a fun framework for making your first track.

If you'd like to explore further, the Songmaker Kit also works with Logic Pro X, Apple's professional music production software, and comes with hundreds of additional sounds from ROLI in Cypher2, Strobe2 and Equator.

Whether you're brand new to music making or producing the next big hit, the Songmaker Kit GarageBand Edition gives you everything you need to take your song from start to finish.

Plus it all fits in your backpack in a protective snapcase, so you can make music anywhere.

Unleash your music today, with the Songmaker Kit GarageBand Edition.

  • Overview

    Whether you’re brand new to musicmaking or just want to perfect your skills, the ROLI Songmaker Kit - GarageBand Edition is an all-in-one expressive companion to GarageBand that gives you everything you need to take your song from start to finish.

    Songmaker Kit lets you directly control GarageBand’s features, so it’s even easier to make expressive music. The kit includes three touch-responsive controllers from ROLI, the music technology innovator. The Seaboard Block is a reinvention of the piano keyboard. The Lightpad Block is a reinvention of the drum. Together with the Loop Block, they help you create more expressive tracks, more quickly — no matter what your level of expertise.

    Connecting Songmaker Kit to GarageBand unleashes the power of both systems so you can unleash your musical ideas with a kit that fits in a backpack.


    Add new expression to GarageBand’s sounds and effects on the 5D Touch surface of the Lightpad Block M and Seaboard Block

    Sketch your musical ideas more quickly with easy-to-use controllers connected to easy-to-navigate sounds and effects

    Take your track every step of the way — sketching, playing, recording, editing and mixing — in one perfectly integrated environment

    Start making music in minutes with videos and other materials that guide you every step of the way

    Take it anywhere you make music — your MacBook and a Songmaker Kit pack the power of a full music studio

    Protect your kit on the go with a custom-made snap-case

    Easily reconfigure the Lightpad Block’s LED-illuminated surface to play in different keys and scales

    Control production features of GarageBand directly from the Loop Block

    What’s in the Box

    ROLI Seaboard Block

    ROLI Lightpad Block M

    ROLI Loop Block

    Snap-case 3/8

    Two USB-A to USB-C cables

    USB-A to USB-C adapter

    Suite of ROLI Software (includes Equator, Strobe 2 Player and Cypher 2 Player)

    50 unique sounds for GarageBand

    Tech Specs

    Input Type: USB

    Other Features: Bluetooth, Charging, Wireless

    Bluetooth Compatibility: Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0

    Power Source: Battery power

    Weight: 1.1 kg / 2.43 lb

    System Requirements

    Operating System: macOS 10.12 or later

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    Mfr. Part Number: ROL-001958

    UPC or EAN No.: 814773020680


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