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Marbotic Sesame Street Numbers

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Sesame Street Numbers

Sesame Street Numbers

We see a papercut version of the Sesame Street. The Sesame Street Numbers logo panel arrives.

An Elmo-shaped wooden number 1 enters the scene, it looks right and left.

[Elmo's voice]

Hi there!

All the Sesame characters-shaped wooden numbers from 1 to 10 enter the scene.

The iPad appears and all the numbers lie down on the floor.

Close-up on the iPad. We see Elmo and Big Bird on the menu of the Sesame Street Numbers'app

A hand click on Big Bird on the iPad

[Big Bird's voice]

We need to pick up balloons for the party

Some balloons with numbers on it appear on the iPad screen

A hand enters and stamps the balloon 1 with the wooden number 1

[Elmo's voice]


We see 1 papercut balloon appearing in the background decor

Close-up on the iPad. We see some balloons with numbers again, and the hand enters and stamps the balloon 3 with the wooden number 3

[Elmo's voice]


We see 3 papercut balloons appearing in the background decor

Close-up on the iPad. We see the hand scrolling on the app menu. The hand clicks on Abby.

[Abby's voice]

Find the number!

4 flags appears on the screen

The hand stamps the wooden number 4

[Elmo's voice]


A papercut banner appears in the decor. 4 additional flags appear

Close-up on the iPad. We see the menu of the Sesame Numbers'app. The hand clicks on the Cookie Monster's foodtruck. Cookie Monster appears.

[Cookie Monster's voice]


Cookie Monster disappears. A bottle of milk appears. The hand stamps the number 1.

[Elmo's voice]


9 Bananas appears. The hand stamps the number 9.

[Elmo's voice]


A papercut bottle of milk and a banana appear next to the iPad

[Cookie Monster's voice]

yum yum yum yum yum

The bottle of milk and the banana magically transform into a milkshake

We see the entire Sesame Street and a lot of balloons are flying in the sky. The wooden numbers are dancing all around the iPad. We hear some fireworks sounds.

[Elmo's voice]

Let's party

Close-up on a papercut version of Elmo. He's waving

[Elmo's voice]

you did it!

We see a Sesame Street Numbers packaging with a pouch and some wooden numbers

  • Overview

    Sesame Street Numbers is a unique game set blending traditional wooden toys and digital play that makes it fun for children to discover basic math. Each of the 10 wooden numbers is in the shape of a famous Sesame Street character, providing a playful and familiar environment that helps kids memorise and discover basic concepts of numeracy. The wooden numbers interact with four maths games where kids will discover numbers with Elmo, count balloons with Big Bird, cook delicious recipes with Cookie Monster and learn “how many” with Abby Cadabby.


    Play funny maths games to earn decorations, food and drinks that help Sesame Street friends enjoy the best celebration ever

    Foster learning and memorisation with a combination of beautiful wooden toys and digital play

    Train fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

    Easy to set up, just download the app, stamp the wooden pieces on the iPad screen and play

    100% safe for children — no need for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or batteries

    Playful learning on and off the screen

    What’s in the Box

    10 interactive wooden numbers in the shape of Sesame Street characters

    Four Sesame Street pre-maths games (App in English)

    Travel pouch

    Tech Specs

    Height: 21 cm/8.27 in.

    Width: 17.98 cm/7.08 in.

    Depth: 4.5 cm/1.77 in.

    Weight: 437 g/15.41 oz.

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    UPC or EAN No.: 3770005884208


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