Sphero Mini Soccer App-Controlled STEM Learning & Coding Robot

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Watch the Sphero Mini Soccer Video

Sphero Mini Soccer

Mini Soccer

[Full size soccer ball rolls up to Mini soccer ball]

[Sounds of a crowd and stomping in a stadium]

[Foot stops the large soccer ball]

[A hand with a smart phone comes in and drives the Mini soccer ball]

[Music starts]

[Mini soccer ball rolls to the center of the field]

[Blue and orange Minis circle around the Mini soccer ball]

[Mini soccer takes off and tries to avoid the orange and blue Minis]

[App Enabled Robotic Ball]

[Smart phone launching Sphero Play app]

[Fly over entire soccer field]

[Joystick Drive]

[Hand moving smart phone joystick to drive the Mini soccer ball]

[Mini soccer ball goes into goal]

[Mini soccer ball drives into a house of red and yellow cards]

[Whistle blows]

[Mini fan yells and falls out of his seat]

[Kick Drive]

[Hand flicks thumb on app]

[Mini soccer ball makes a goal]

[Slingshot Drive]

[Hand with smart phone demonstrating slingshot drive]

[Mini soccer ball maneuvers around other minis and makes a goal]

[Tilt Drive]

[Hand titling smart phone in different directions]

[Mini soccer ball responds]

[Block Based Programming]

[Finger connects last bit of code on smart phone and pushes start]

[Mini soccer ball weaves through orange cones]

[Mini soccer ball stops next to its package]

[Music stops and stomping begins]

[Sphero logo]

  • Overview

    Sphero’s Mini Soccer robot squeezes stadium-sized fun into a tiny, app-enabled robotic ball. Packed with impressive tech, Sphero Mini Soccer has a gyroscope, accelerometer and customisable LED lights. Download the Sphero Play app, cue up Kick Drive mode, and send your robot rolling with the flick of a finger. You can also tap to trap the ball or add a spin to your kick for a little extra flare.

    Use the eight included cones to set up a goal, practice your ball-handling skills or challenge a friend to a game. You can also use Mini Soccer as a controller to play in-app arcade-style games — dodge and destroy asteroids, race through a tunnel or smash a polygon of bricks. Download the Sphero Edu app to kick off your coding journey, explore activities and share your creations with the community.


    Exclusive football shell enhances football-themed play

    Cue up Kick Drive mode in the Sphero Play app to flick, spin and score big

    Arrange the eight included cones to practice your penalty kicks and show off your ball-handling skills

    Control Mini in several ways with the Sphero Play app — Joystick, Tilt, Slingshot, Kick Drive and Scream Drive

    Use Soccer Mini as a joystick and play arcade-style in-app games

    Download the Sphero Edu app and start programming your Sphero Soccer bot with Draw, Blocks or Text

    What’s in the Box

    Sphero robotic ball with football shell

    Eight cones (four green, four orange)

    Micro USB cable

    Tech Specs

    Input Type: Micro USB

    Internet Access: Some Features Require Internet Access

    Cable length: 91.4 cm/36 in.

    Connections: USB-A

    Bluetooth Compatibility: Bluetooth 4.0

    Power Source: Battery, USB

    Batteries: Lithium Ion

    Battery life: Approximately one hour

    Charge Time: Approximately one hour

    Height: 4.2 cm/1.65 in.

    Width: 4.2 cm/1.65 in.

    Weight: 46 g/1.62 oz.

    System Requirements

    Operating System: iOS 9 or later, OS X 10.9 or later

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    UPC or EAN No.: 817961024972


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    Lithium-Based Battery Shipments

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