how many amps is the 12watt charger fo ipad air?

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    When charging an iPad Air, the ~70% efficient 12W charger supplies 2.4 amps on the USB port, draws 0.1 amps from a 230V wall socket, or 0.2 amps from a 110V wall socket.

    Older iPads, and iPhones, draw less power, and thus the charger draws less current from the wall.

    When not charging anything, official Apple chargers draw less than 0.2W, which is 0.002 amps from an American wall socket. Over the course of a year, this amounts to 1.8 kwh 'units' of electricity, costing less than 10¢.

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  • Watts = Amps x Volts (I make it 2.4 Amps) however maths is not my strong point so please check my calculations
    Hope this helps

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