Can two people who both have AirPods connect them to the same device and listen to the same music and exactly the same time?

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    Not quite. My wife and I hike a ton. We use one AirPod each that are connected to the same iPhone. Allows us to chat at the same time. Also when she sits at a blueberry patch too long, she knows to get moving when her music starts cutting out because I am too far up the trail.

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  • It would depend on the device, but generally most devices do not allow simultaneous listening (or input, via mic) for two different sets of bluetooth earbuds/mics. iPhones for instance, do not.

    So the other answer is correct--though you can, as they mention, use ONE Airpod in each person's ear to *listen* to sound, like music or a call (of course it's not stereo any more, because there's only one Airpod per person).

    ALSO, and this is why I'm answering this as well, the mic seems to only work from one Airpod *or* the other. IOW, although they BOTH have a Mic (or two--as mentioned elsewhere), once you start speaking, it chooses one or the other to route your mic input through.

    What this means, practically speaking, is that you CANNOT use one in your ear, another in another person's ear, and BOTH talk on the same call, like a conference call. The other party will only be able to hear one of you clearly, but not the other person. Sound (output from phone) works fine, so you can both listen in on a call, or listen to music of course, but one of you won't be able to speak and be heard on a "joint" call.

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