On the picture of the new Xs Max, the "Gold" looks more pink. Is it a true "Gold" or is it a "Rose Gold" like the 6s Plus?


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  • I received mine XS MAX and disappointed to see that it is not really gold.......infact it is rose/pink gold. Very Disappointed!!!

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  • I just received mine today and the answer is...neither. I was upgrading from a 6 - in gold. The 6 gold is like an antique gold finish. Truly a gold - but not shiny/brassy gold. But not the rose/pink gold. The Xs has edges that are kind of a bronzy shiny gold (?) but are too dark to really call a rose gold...although they are definitely not what I would call gold. The back, however is what is REALLY weird. The back is this hard to describe beige/off-white with a bit of pinky/flesh tone color in it. Um....way far from gold color. Honestly, the back is super disappointing because it doesn't look good in any of the cases I can find so far. Clear cases look ridiculous because I don't want to show off a "flesh" colored phone. And I had gotten a cute Kate Spade case with black, gold, light pink, and white horizontal lines on it...and NONE of those colors match or really compliment the back. So, it's interesting to try to see what will look nice with it. I continue to see it advertised on TV and the phone is made to look like the back is the same color as the sides...which is definitely not the case. Hope this is helpful to others. If you like the light/apricot-ish pink back and dark gold edge look with all black front...maybe you'll love this look. I think if I had it to do over, I would have chosen all black with this interpretation of "gold." ;)

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  • I think it's just Apple's entire 'gold'-colored lineup. I've had an iPhone 6S+ in the past and I bought it in the gold color... well. It was supposed to be gold but honestly it's much closer to the rose-gold color, with just a slightly less saturated pink. When I received my phone, I actually thought I was sent the wrong phone but I looked on the box and it had my name and number on it along with "GOLD" (ridiculous) so it wasn't just me, it was Apple. It was actually this incident that made me double-check when I was purchasing their Macbook Air. On their website, the color looks like a flawless gold but I had my doubts so I went to the nearest BestBuy to get a RL look, lo-and-behold. A straight-up pink. It was even worse than my iPhone 6S+, my iPhone only turned a pink shade when exposed to certain lighting conditions like sunlight. The Macbook Air however... it was just pink. Lighting had nothing to do with it, it was. Just. Pink. Dodged a bullet there, I ended up going for the space-grey because it was actually a grey. As advertised. As titled. Unlike the bloody 'gold' color Apple calls their pink. Just an FYI, my vision is fine. I can see all the colors fine. I even ended up asking one of the employers if pink was an option and he laughed. then said, "I understand what you mean, but that's the gold color." Take it from me, don't buy the gold color unless you are fine with a pink tint. Even better so, don't buy Apple products unless you've seen it IRL.

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