Does apple remote pair with macbook pro retina?

I was just in-store and asked the 2 guys who helped me if the apple remote will work with my macbook pro retina display 13". They both said yes and even showed me where I would go to pair it.

1. System Preferences
2. Security & Privacy
3. Advanced

I did those three steps and also tried to google and looked at the manual, both of which said to hold my remote 3-4 inches from the screen and hold down menu and right buttons for 6 seconds until a linking symbol showed up on screen. None of this happened. I am disappointed because I bought this for an important presentation tomorrow and was assured by 2 apple geniuses that it would work.

I will definitely be taking it back unless there is something else I can try to make it work.

Thank you :)

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    Apple remotes (made for the computers and not the Apple TV) are made with Infrared not bluetooth. This means your laptop has to have a infrared receiver. The newer macs no longer have these receivers (at least the MacBooks don't) so the remotes no longer work.

    You can see that the older MacBooks (e.g. the 2010 macbook pro) has a black line on the front edge of the body which is the infrared receiver - it works on that. New ones don't have this and so don't have infrared built in.

    Wikipedia says you can buy yourself a infrared receiver to plug into your USB port.

    I had the same problem.

    -A MacBook Pro user (and owner of white apple remote & aluminium apple remote)

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  • You can use third party program for it. Eternal Storms SiriMote app.

    Every Apple remotes have bluetooth.

    - You should disconnect apple tv
    - Open system / bluetooth settings
    - Press "MENU" and "+" (volume up) buttons for 5 seconds
    - You can see your apple tv remote's Pair icon

    Have nice days.

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