Does any HDMI cable supports 4K or just this one

Belkin UltraHD High Speed 4K HDMI Cable (2m)

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  • 4K is just the resolution (3840×2160px). There is a bit more to it. HDMI cables are differentiated by their bandwidth: 5 Gbps (original standard), 10 Gbps (High Speed), 18 Gbps (Premium High Speed), 48 Gbps (Ultra High Speed). The required bandwidth is determined by resolution, frame rate, bit depth, chroma subsampling. If you intend to watch at some point HDR content and/or high frame rate content, in combination with 4K, then you will want at least a 18 Gbps (Premium High Speed) cable. Any such HDMI cable will suffice for equipment with HDMI 2.0/HDCP 2.2 ports. Note that all commercially available 4K content requires HDCP 2.2, which requires HDMI 2.0 ports. So while lower bandwidth HDMI 1.4 could be sufficient for *some* 4K content, in practice you would need higher bandwidth capable HDMI 2.0 equipment to view 4K movies anyway. To avoid that the cable can become the bottleneck for high resolution viewing, it is advised to use at least 18 Gbps (Premium High Speed) HDMI cables, all the way from source to output.

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  • Must be 10.2 Gbps for 4K, 18 Gbps for UH4K, More then 18 Gbps for 4.4.4. ( 10 Bit Choma ) or Dolby Vision. THIS CAN GO TO 48 Gbps.

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  • Most cables can , there are some older cheap cables that do not have the bandwidth. And some are not HDCP compliant.

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