Does the G DRIVE mobile USM store photos and videos? Does this mean I can delete them from my phone?

I have a G Drive mobile USB. I have over 8,000 pictures on my phone. I'm wondering if I can delete the photos and videos from my phone assuming they are safe on the G Drive. I back up my MacBook Profrequently which has all the same pictures and videos as my iPhone. If I delete from my iPhone they delete from my MacBook and vice-versa. I don't want to lose my pictures but don't want to have 8,000+ pictures on my phone.

G-Technology 2TB G-DRIVE mobile USB-C Portable Hard Drive

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  • The short answer is yes this drive would make a good backup drive. However remember no drive is perfect. Also it can be difficult to tell when your backup drive is damaged until it is too late. Given your concern of not losing your photos, exporting them may not be the best solution. Apple's iCloud is a far, far safer place to store your photos than any home based hard drive. Apple has professional procedures and technologies in place to protect data that a user can not easily match at home. If the safety of your photos is paramount, then I recommend leaving them in iCloud. A better solution for reducing the space used by photos on your iPhone would be to use the 'Optimize iPhone Storage' feature introduced with iOS 11. This feature places small thumbnails for all photos on your phone, but only downloads full sized copies for the images you are using. This will save space on you iPhone, however all photos remain safe, accessible in Apples cloud, and manageable from any linked copy of Photos. To implement this feature, on your iPhone, go to 'Setting>Photos' and put a check next to 'Optimize iPhone Storage'. If you wish to remove all photos from your phone. You can turn off 'iCloud Photo Library' on your Mac and iPhone. This will stop them from sharing photos.You can then delete them from your iPhone without impacting iPhotos on your Mac. Then use good backup procedures to protect them. Remember that after this any photos you take with your phone will need to be manually transferred to your Mac Hope this helps

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  • Yes. there are ways to backup photo and video files from your computer or mobile to an external storage device. But it won't happen automatically, so you might need help with setting it up. If they are important files you might also want one extra backup on a different device, just in case anything happens.

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