how long does a battery last on a macbook (aluminium)

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    Realistically this battery will last around 3 hours as long as there is not heavy usage of the CPU or GPU. So as long as you are doing basic things like e-mail, web surfing, etc you should get decent life out of it. Also turning down brightness, running only 1 program at a time, and turning off bluetooth will all help preserve battery life. Also running it in cycles and using a battery keeper program will help to extend the life. I am a photographer and if I am doing light photo editing I can pull 2-4 hours out of this battery as long as I adhere to the aforementioned guidelines.

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  • keyboard lights off. monitor dimmed. monitor timeout is one minute.

    minimal to no usage - 5-6 hours
    skype or movie editing - 2-3 hours

    even with the energy saving options, i don't get much out of my own battery pack.

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  • I just purchased brand new battery from the Apple store. After being fully charged, it does not show 100% charge, it also does not last longer than 2hrs. I have multiple windows open but use it only for typing and web-surfing, no heavy duty video or anything like that. If I knew, I'd keep the old battery. A waste of $100 (that's with $30 off if you make an appt at the Genius Bar and spend 1/2hr buying a battery).

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  • I bought my 17" Macbook pro November 2009 and the battery is stiil good for about 3 hours use but charging takes 4 or 5 hours. This is on 2nd April 2014. Not bad, eh? I shall buy a new battery from Apple shop as I had a clone one which, whilst it charges fast (2 hours) loses charge in 10 to 20% steps when the Macbook is off (completely off). This means at the end of a session it will be, say, 60% charged and next time it goes on it may be down to 40% or less only 2 or 3 hours later.

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  • I also have a 17" MacBook Pro from 2009.. and was the other reviewer not kidding. I have almost no battery drainage issue, and get multiple hours with it. I do not need to replace it anytime soon.

    But if you want to check the battery life cycle, go to the Apple icon top left - About Apple - Power and check Cycle count.. they should last around 1k or if defective Apple can test it and replace it free or charge, regardless if the product is out of warranty.

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