What's the best way to connect Iphone to home stereo and maintain digital sound quality?

Apple Composite AV Cable

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    All of the Apple portable devices output an analog signal rather than a digital signal. To get the best quality sound, you should turn the volume all the way up on the iPhone (or iPad, iPod, etc.), and adjust the listening volume using the stereo. In general, sound quality will be limited by the type of file - MP3 and other compressed formats will limit fidelity. Thus, for playing via a stereo I suggest storing Apple Lossless versions of your music on a computer running iTunes. If you want 'audiophile' grade sound, you should add an external digital to analog converter with a computer interface (like USB) rather than use the circuits built into the portable device.

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  • You probably should use any RCA to Aux 3.5 mm cable to connect a home stereo to your iphone. You can either leave the yellow cable (video) aside or just can use a Aux 3.5 cable that has only blue and red or black and red RCA type male cables. Or simply use this apple composite av cable and leave the yellow one disconnected as mentioned before.

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