Will the Apple Composite AV cable work with an iPhone 5 -- with an adapter?  Or will the analog audio be a problem?

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    The audio will work (99% sure) because the converter between Lightning and 30 pin supports analog audio out. The video (yellow cable) will not work :(

    As far as I can tell, there is no way to support composite video on the iphone 5 without using an expensive converter box from VGA or HDMI.

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  • I couldn't get it to work for either video or audio with video out. I haven't tried it with an audio only source.

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  • Here's how WE jumped this hurdle:

    We use our current iPhone 5S as a hotspot for our old iPhone 4S, to stream online videos. (the iPhone 4S is not even active on our Verizon account!)
    Then, we plug our iStuff 30-pin-to-A/V cable's RCA jacks into the aux. of our van's entertainment system (which also features a VHS player!).
    Using this setup, my wife can watch Star Trek non-stop on our drop-down monitors, as we travel down the highway!
    iHope this helps some of you!

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  • Short answer: If you use a lightning to 30-pin adapter the audio should work, but the video will not.

    With my old iPhone 4 I had this composite AV cable connected to the RCA audio and video jacks in my 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX. This WRX is the premium edition that has a video navigation system, and while the vehicle is NOT in motion the video screen works for any signal that will come through that RCA jack. Audio worked all the time regardless if the hand brake was set or not. It also had no problem charging the phone once I connected the USB to a 2.1 Amp/10Watt car charger. It worked beautifully until I upgraded to the iPhone 5s.

    I now use a lightning to 30-pin adapter between my iPhone 5s and the composite AV cable. Not only does the video not work, but if the video jack is left plugged in there is a considerable amount of signal noise that comes through the speakers. If I unplug the video cable the audio seems to work fine. I say "seems" because I need to get the connection "just so" between the adapter and the 30-pin plug on the composite cable for it to come through both left and right channels. I am assuming this is because my composite AV cable is very old and the connections may be worn out a bit. I am hoping with a new composite cable I will not have the same issue. Charging the phone is no issue with the lightning to 30-pin adapter.

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  • Yes analog audio works perfectly, no issues at all. I've been running this for the past week, since I got my lightning-to-30pin adapter, and the stereo audio out works perfectly. Haven't tried video, as this is set up in my car and I only use audio. It also charges great, but over the past 24 hrs has been heating up my iPhone 5 until it is quite warm. I'm concerned and put in a request to be contacted by apple support. For the first 4-5 days it worked perfectly, never heating or overheating, not sure why it's different now.

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  • The Audio part definitely works -listening through it as I type- , you simply need the Lightning to 30 pin adapter between the iPhone and the Av Connector.
    I do not know about the video as I have not the means to check.

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  • Not sure where you guys get your I formation, but it clearly ain't from trial and error. Audio works WELL in vehicle or on a television with the adapter and composite cable. I can't get technical, but I can tell you that the video does not work, so on that part you are both correct.

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  • But, is it a software-limit, or can the hardware just not do the job? Now i dont want to hear the bad apple-talk that 'it just cant' but i want proofs why it cant work.

    Now i see comments who say audio also doesnt work, but also comments wich say it does. Does it work or not?!

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  • Jerry R from Portsmouth: Sorry, but your assumption is incorrect (the converter between Lightning and 30 pin supports analog audio out) because the audio signal is transmitted digitally out of both 30 pin ports and lightning port. And what Apple Composite AV cable actually does is translating the digital audio and video signals coming out of the 30 pin port into analog signals (by means of DAC built in the cable connector). However Apple does not support this digital signal to be relayed from a lightning port to 30 pin port via adapter. So no: audio will not work.

    Rodney D from Roseville: Sorry, but there is no way it could work, simply because Apple does not support it. I.e. regardless of whether it's possible or not (digital signal passthrough from a lightning port via Lightning to 30-pin Adapter to Apple Composite AV Cable), Apple does not support it. The only option you have is to output the audio from the 3.5mm audio output on your apple device (via 3.5mm jack to composite cable, for example).

    Bottom line for this question: no, the Apple Composite AV cable WILL NOT work with Lightning to 30-pin Adapter.

    You can read official confirmation here (article: /kb/HT5498):

    Connecting the iPod or iPhone to a TV or a video device using a Lightning to 30-pin Adapter with video adapters such as the Apple Digital AV Adapter, Apple VGA Adapter, and the Apple Composite AV cable are not supported.

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