Will dvds burned on the Apple Super Drive play on stand alone dvd players for view on televisions?

Apple USB SuperDrive

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  • I have done this successfully.

    Success depends on:
    how you create the movie - with software or a camera,
    If with a camera, how it stores its recordings (what format and media),
    the software you use to create or edit the movie,
    how you burn it to disk,
    the type of media you use,
    and finally - your DVD player and TV or monitor.
    Each of these steps must match up.

    It sounds difficult, doesn't it? It really isn't, or at least doesn't have to be. I

    f you use a camcorder you must select an output format suitable for your editing software. Then, head off more problems by reading the manual for the movie creation / editing software and refer to its help system. It also helps to be familiar with the DVD-burning software. The basic burn software that comes with the Mac is not suitable for making this kind of DVD. You must burn the DVD correctly for it to work with your TV. Example: 1080P movies will not work with an old TV of the type with only VHF and UHV tuners.

    My daughter and her classmates used a camcorder to record the scenes. I used iMovie and Toast 11 to edit the movie and to burn it to disk. I made copies for all the kids that contributed and one for the teacher to keep.

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