Can I connect iPhone 5s/PianoDiary to MAC/Sibelius First to import & export MIDI data via the Apple Camera connection kit ?

I use Yamaha PianoDiary app (on iPhone 5s) to RECORD midi from an external piano
ie. (iPhone 5S --> Apple Camera connection kit --> Roland UM-One to midi plugs (In and Out) --> External Piano.)
The PianoDiary app also allows me to PLAYBACK to the piano.

Alas, the MIDI is stored within a PianoDiary SQLite database and not as a midi file. So, no easy way to export and import.
Unable to get the PianoDiary app WiFi or Bluetooth working with a MAC so now I explore hard wiring from iPhone 5s to a MAC.

Could I treat the iPhone 5s/Pianodiary app as a MIDI instrument
i.e. (iPhone 5s/Pianodiary --> Apple Camera connection kit --> TypeA(Male) to TypeB(Female) adapter --> Regular USB cable --> Mac/Sibelius First.)

I could then press PLAY on the iPhone 5S and RECORD on the MAC to export from the iPhone and vice versa to import.
Is there any good reason why this hardwire approach wouldn't work using the Apple Camera connection kit ?
Is there a better way to do this connection via cable ? (I have given up on WiFi and Bluetooth)

Lightning to USB Camera Adapter

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