Can I use this adapter with headphones while using the hdmi cable?

While one side uses the HDMI cable, the other side has the Lightning port, can I use the headphone adapter from apple on this port?

Lightning Digital AV Adapter

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  • I just purchased this adapter to use with my iPhone 8 and a monitor that does not have speakers or audio capability. I am unable to play audio through the phone’s integrated speakers when the adapter and HDMI cable to the monitor are connected to the phone. The HDMI cable appears to override any options you may have to direct audio to any output other than the HDMI device at the other end of the cable. If the HDMI cable is connected to a TV or other device that allows both video and audio input, then it should work. However, if you don’t have such a device, you may have the same problem with hearing audio when the adapter and an HDMI cable are connected.

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  • No, you unfortunately can’t. The sound will still play from your iPhone speaker.

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