What is the best way to do the initial back up with these devices? What is the average time to do the first initial backup?

How do others do the initial backup? How long does it take to do it wirelessly? I would have hoped for a Thunderbolt port for this very use case.

AirPort Time Capsule - 3TB

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    For an initial backup, the best results will come from a direct connection via Ethernet.

    First turn off wifi on the computer.
    Attach the computer via Ethernet to one of the free Ethernet ports.
    Set up your Time Machine appropriately and set it running.
    Leave it overnight to complete, best to do this end of the day.

    You may have to leave it, depending on the size of the internal drive on the Mac, sometime into the next day.

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  • Hi,
    The fastest way for the first time machine back up is with an ethernet cable to this device or USB for an external hard drive.
    It might take time (1 hour up to 5 hours), it depends of the storage.

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  • The best way to do the initial back-up is having the Apple Mac hardwired (ethernet) to the TimeCapsule. My initial back-up was projected to be 65 hours wirelessly for the earlier version of Time Capsule (1.5Gb disk) and a scant 35 minutes hardwired.

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  • it took approx 10 hours to wirelessly xfr ~99 GB (primarily music and pics) from MBP to ATP.

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  • It really depends on the amount of data there is to backup. You will get the fastest backup performance while wired to ethernet. I've always suggested a wired initial backup, once that is done wireless will be no issue. Most initial backups I have ran, I have started at night and it was finished in the morning.

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