Will AirPods work as equivalent to hearing aids for those user who is hard of hearing?

I use hearing aids to listen music thru speakers excellent but not using headphones due to closed air space that making hearing aids white noise and/or pink noise sound. Hope, I can use this AirPods to replace with hearing aids.

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  • Technology is ready to use apple as hearing aids.
    In fact, current hearing aids use very obsolete technology, which can not be compared to that of iphone and airpods.

    Already there is an app that claims to be able to use airpods for this purpose.
    Fennex Augmented Hearing App is specifically designed to be used with airpods,

    I'm trying it out and the results I've got are very satisfying, though with a bit of delay, the sounds heard come clear, and are at least comparable to those of a normal hearing aids.

    I think in the near future the problem of the delay will be fixed, as using the app with the earbuds, there is no delay.

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  • Best Answer:

    If I understand your question correctly, you are wondering if AirPods can replace hearing aids when you listen to music.

    AirPods are not replacements for hearing aids. If your hearing is deficient in specific frequencies, AirPods will not boost those frequencies selectively. Fortunately, the sound quality of AirPods is substantially superior to EarPods or other open-air ear buds and you may very well notice a difference in what you can hear compared to traditional ear buds. Go to an Apple Store and listen to a pair. Bring your own iPhone and favourite music so you can make a more valid comparison.

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