what chargers can i use with macbook pro 2017

87W USB-C Power Adapter

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    Ideally, you should use the 87W charger with a proper 5A/100W cable, but lower-powered chargers will also work.

    Keep in mind that running a CPU or GPU intensive task (like encoding a video) with an external monitor attached can easily draw 60W, so anything less than the 87W adapter will result in curtailed charging speed wile doing computationally intensive tasks.

    On the other hand, using lower-powered chargers can provide portability and flexibility advantages.

    Assuming that the 2017 is the same as the 2016, you can actually (slowly) charge your MacBook Pro 15" with any decent apple-coded 5V, 2.4A 12W charger (like an iPad charger) via a USB-A to USB-C cable. Such a charger could also provide most of the power needed for lightweight tasks, like checking email, without drawing much power from the internal battery.

    The MBP 15" also works with a 15W (5V @ 3A) USB Type-C chargers, and many higher-powered USB Type-C chargers with USB-PD support. I'm running mine off a 30W USB-PD capable external battery right now. I've also powered it with a 27W capable USB-PD compliant car charger and a (somewhat) pocketable 27W USB-PD wall-wart.

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  • As far as I know any charger with 65W at least, 20.2V 4.3A. I recommend you this model, because is the one that came with the computer in the box.

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