Adding a time capsule to an existing network and configuring for the speediest backups?

I have a 27" i5 iMac on my home wireless network running off my ISP-provided wireless router. Many other devices like my TV and TIVO connect to this network so I'd like leave it as the creator of my wireless network.
I'd like to add a time capsule for backups from the iMac. I assume the time capsule can connect to my existing wireless network and I could back up that way but I was concerned that I may be sacrificing speed essential for backups compared with using the native wireless built-in to the time capsule.
Is it possible for the iMac to either:
- connect to both wireless networks at once
- connect to my existing router's wireless network but somehow switch to the time capsule's network when doing a backup.
I don't want to connect the time capsule direct via ethernet cable to my iMac as I would like to keep them separate for security purposes

  • Asked by fn from Paddington
AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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    You can put the time capsule network configuration into "Bridge" mode, instead of "NAT DHCP", and then cable it to your ISP router.

    The time capsule will be a more reliable wireless and wired router, and with the airport utility, it will remind you to do updates to the firmware when needed.

    Your ISP will never update the firmware in your ISP provided router, and Wireless standards change, and bugs happen and that can make your wireless experiences very poor with unsupported routers.

    If your ISP router can be placed in bridge mode, then I would put your time capsule in "NAT DHCP" mode, and use it as your primary router.

    • Answered by Gregg W from Tulsa