AE setting up a new network vs extending an existing network is new better? Looking to boost Wifi in low signal places in the house & outside.

I have a 6 mg internet connection with CenturyLink using a Zytel PK-5001Z modem. I have 100 ft ethernet cables ran from modem to ethernet switches TE100-S5 TRENDnet fast ethernet switch to iMacs, Apple Tv's & Roku box through out the house. Of course the iPad's & iPhones use wifi. Wifi strength varies of course depending where in the house you are which is very annoying. We just got Wifi calling with Sprint & if 1 iPhone is using wifi calling you can't stream or down;road anything or the wifi call just becomes impossible to continue. That makes no since because at most per Sprint documentation at most it should use 1mg only 1/6 th of my bandwidth. I totally don't understand adding the AE to an existing network means bridging & other settings I don't feel comfortable with. But if I add a new network it would be for the wifi devices like iPads & iPhones correct. the existing network SSID CenturyLink 8851 would be for all the ethernet connected stuff right? 1 SSID for ethernet thing & SSID AE for all devices Wifi right? CenturyLink has advised me that they will not help with CPE equipment & they know nothing about  (is that not insane or what?) with the great community of all of us i hope not to need Apple Supports help.
Since the Modem is in the kitchen kinda of close to a Microwave user manual says 25 ft away I'm going to run a 50ft ethernet cable from back of the modem to the AE in the family room into the Wan Port right? Very excited about the AE because it will be the perfect place to connect the Hue Lights bridge. just waiting on HomeKit & WWDC. And being able to not using Wemo switches. So do I have this right? Have I figured it out correctly? Look forward to your feedback.

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