Apparently you can only connect to one device at a time. Does bluetooth have to be off on other devices while you are connected with the speaker.

ie: using with nano 7. Do I have to turn bluetooth off on phone, iPad, etc?

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  • Bluetooth 4 (BT4) allows you to connect with many BT2 or BT4 devices, you have the option to select which one to use for the currently used application, and almost all BT4 headset have the feature to automatically switch among devices depending on which one is the last one to be in use

  • No you do not have to turn all bluetooth devices off. If you have a phone and an ipad and both bluetooth are turned on. This is what happens. Turn JBL on it starts scanning. Your ipad and phone will discover them if they are both turned on. So all you need to do is pick what ever one you want to pair so lets say phone. All sound from phone will be heard from JBL. But to connect ipad you have to diconnect phone in phone settings then go to ipad and pair them up. So now only ipad sound will be heard from JBL. Everytime you want to connect to a new device you should disconnect previouse device or hold power to reset to default. So thats what they mean by only able to connect to 1 device via bluetooth.