At almost $100, is this Tech 21 Impact Case considerably better than the Speck, Kuzy or other cases in terms of shell material & protection?

I have heard some hard cases actually scratch the rMBP case, increase heat or are simply eye candy . . . providing very little in terms of protection. Does this expensive Tech21 perform better in these areas providing better shell material and protection while also doing no harm to the actual computer case itself (heat and scratches)? Is it worth the much greater cost over other cases at almost $100? Thanks!

Tech21 Impact Snap Case for MacBook

Tech21 Impact Snap Case for MacBook

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    Yes, this shell is significantly better than others and well worth the extra expense. It's lightweight and fits perfectly, the installation is a piece of cake, as is removing it. The Tech21 Impact Case has not hindered the original appearance of my Mac (no scratches or scuffs) and unlike other shells I have purchased, the weight of it doesn't force my screen to fall back if opened slightly exceeding 90 degrees. So in a nutshell, the Tech21 Impact Snap Case is PERFECT, PRETTY and you can continue to strut around as a confident Mac owner as the transparent shell allows the "one and only" apple logo to shine through. ENJOY and Keep On Keepin On!

  • I don't think anyone can conclusively answer this question without dropping their macbook repeatedly. But having used the speck and eBay cases, it does provide more substantial protection and it's gel material should dissipate force better than the bare thin plastic of the others.

    I think my macbook could survive a small drop in this case, but I don't want to test my hypothesis out.

  • Several of us have had the experience where the rubber leaves permanent marks on the aluminum body of the laptop. Just keep that in mind, as it seems that you're concerned about scratches. Mine left marks in as little as one-and-a-half weeks. I have no idea how well the case works in terms of drop protection.