Can both the MA348LL/A be used in a MacBook pro 15, where it replaces the A1175 ?

QA Rechargeable Battery MacBook Pro

QA Rechargeable Battery MacBook Pro

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    I found below opinion from a apple-forum. It might help you.

    MA348LL/A and A1175 are the same thing. MA348LL/A is the Apple part number (aka order number), A1175 is the Model Number of the battery. So, if you order MA348LL/A and actually look at the printing on the battery, you'll see Model A1175 on there.

    If you're referring to the batteries available on Amazon, check one of the reviews for the less expensive A1175 item:

    When they say 'original' Apple laptop battery they mean that literally. The battery I received had a serial number ending in U7SB - one of the orginal MacBook Pro battery packs manufactured between February 2006 and May 2006. These batteries were found to be defective and are subject to an Apple product recall. Fortunately, with some persuasion, I was able to convince the local Apple store to exchange the battery pack for an updated one. The Apple battery recall website will not validate you for an exchange unless you have a MacBook Pro with an early serial number.

    One of the risks of buying batteries from 3rd party vendors is getting old stock. For some things (e.g. a power adapter) that's not much of an issue. But lithium-based batteries have a useful life of 400-500 charge cycles or 3-4 years - whichever comes first. Shelf life counts against that time - there's a continuous chemical reaction occurring in the battery, and buildup of oxidation products - and the latter is actually worse if the battery is not being used. So, if you buy a battery that was made 2 years ago, you can expect to get 1-2 years of use from it (probably closer to 1), not 3-4.

    My advice - get the more expensive one, or even pay the extra $10 and buy direct from Apple (it's not necessarily $10 more, since Apple offers free shipping and the 3d party vendors on Amazon who charge less than Apple may charge for shipping).

    Hope this helps...