can i use the airport express to connect a external hard drive to to use as a time machine to do wireless incremental backups?

AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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  • Just in case anyone else still wondering in 2018... The answer to this question is, unfortunately, no. The Express does not function this way. Only the AirPort Extreme can be used to connect an external hard drive thru time machine backup.

    Hopefully, you have not tried this method yet as it may very well disrupt both your Airport Express- and Time Machine's function within your device. You will see disk errors in Settings->Time Machine->Select Disk. If this becomes the case, (a) simply reset the airport express and re-connect it to your network; and, (b) bring the Apple device using time machine to the Apple Store so they do a software reboot. Its nearly impossible to accurately reset the disk in Time Machine once altered.. but is possible. Much easier to allow Apple to do it. Sometime, Apple will clean your device too... all free. Back up to iCloud beforehand. Make arrangements to mail in your device (or remote) with Apple if you do not live around a store.

    HMU if any questions concerns.

    Good luck