can this be plugged into your wireless extender or must it be plugged into you modem & apple thunderbolt equipped device?

I'm looking for a device to extend my wifi signal. however, the computer that I'm hoping to receive a better wifi signal is not connected to a modem or router, & the modem/router that provides this signal is 0on the other end of my 4500 sq foot home with super thick walls. I currently have 2 wifi extenders to carry the signal to my computer, but I need a more efficient/stronger extender & am wondering if this one can connect to my thunderbolt device sans modem or my wifi extender w an ethernet port...

PROMISE SANLink3 T1 NBASE-T Ethernet Interface

PROMISE SANLink3 T1 NBASE-T Ethernet Interface

Product No Longer Available

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    Not sure this is the right device you're after. This gives any Mac with a TBolt 3 port, the ability to access 10Gbit (as opposed to standard 1Gb) Ethernet networks, and the 10GbE equipment that runs on those networks.

    For standard 1GbE, just use power-line adapters (for a hardwired solution), or get a quality 'mesh' type router with extenders (for a better wireless solution). Or if you can (cost-wise and structure-wise) run quality Cat6 cable in or along the walls – always solid connection into the 10GbE age around the corner.