can you shorten the band?

The band is so long and the magnetic part sticks to everything.

Apple Watch Milanese Loop Band

Apple Watch Milanese Loop Band

Product No Longer Available

2 Answers from the Community

  • I spoke to Apple as the 44mm band is slightly too large for my wrist, aand they said, no it is not possible to make it shorter and they don't make more than one size.
    If you have already purchased from Apple make sure you return within 14 days, as they have a hard rule on that, even if you have spoken to an Apple representative in the 14 day window and told them it is too big, and they didn't mention the option to return at that time!

  • I have the silver model. This band’s magnetic clasp attaches anywhere on the remainder of the loop.
    So unless your have a freakish sized arm, this will fit almost anyone.
    My wife recently bought the black stainless steel series 3 for myself, it’s a beautiful functional watch.
    I do not recommend the aluminum some close comparisons.